To reserve the pavilion area, cafe patio area, or both, along with lifeguards for your party, please check the calendar for availability, and email Pool Activities Coordinator, Cindy DeCredico, at:  [email protected] (Please copy and paste into your email if this link fails). If your date and time is available, you will have 72 hours to finalize your reservation with signed Party Policy & Reservation Form and payment, or your time-slot will be vacated.

We will do our best to accommodate party requests, details and exceptions below.  Parties before and after school break may be difficult to book, due to lifeguard non-availability, but please feel free to reach out.  If we can book lifeguards, ensuring member and guest safety, we will be happy to honor your party request.

REFUNDS: Del respects and values the service our lifeguards provide.  They cancel or miss other weekend activities to cover party reservations, thus we do not cancel their assigned shifts or refund party fees once reserved and calendared.  Your understanding is appreciated.

Del Amigo Pool Association Party Policy

**  No private parties during swim team events or practices.**

1. The DAPA Party Policies are designed to ensure adequate lifeguard coverage for parties of 10 – 40 people (to include members, non-members, adults and children combined.)  The policy has been established to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the membership at large.

2. Del Amigo offers 2 areas for parties. Rental fee of $175.00 per area. Kitchen Patio Area -picnic tables and patio area outside of the kitchen (does not include Kitchen use.) Pavilion Area -the raised patio area under the arbor.

3. No more than 2 parties are allowed at the same time.  A maximum of 40 persons allowed per party. A member may reserve and rent the 2 party areas simultaneously. (Rental fee of $350.00) Total attendees not to exceed a maximum of 80 persons (to include members, non-members, adults and children combined.) 

4. Adequate lifeguards must be scheduled before any party is approved. Party reservation requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance, to allow time to hire extra staff.  Requests are processed via email. Instructions are on the main page at

5. Your party reservation request will be considered approved based on availability and appropriate lifeguard staffing. You will receive confirmation via email. You must pay fee by check within 72 hours of party approval to secure your date, time and location.  Checks should be made payable to: "DAPA".  Refunds are not given once a party is scheduled and lifeguards assigned, as we must still pay our extra guards.

6. Parties are restricted to a time period of 3 hours. Parties must take place during open pool hours only. Parties may not begin before 11:00 am on any day and must end by 8:45 pm. Members are encouraged to consider 12-3pm and 4-7pm time slots, as this allows two families to schedule a party on the same day, with an hour between parties for clean up and set up.

7. On the date of a scheduled party, member must meet with head lifeguard on duty to discuss swim ability of their guests. 

8. Pool members must be in attendance to ensure guests follow the pool rules.

9. In the event that the party policies or pool policies are not adhered to, the Del Amigo Pool Association reserves the right to revoke future party reservation privileges or membership.

10. No public holiday party reservations.  Party reservations are not allowed on public holidays such as but not limited to: Memorial Day, 4th of July Weekend or Labor Day.

11. No “end of year,” class parties or team parties are permitted.  This includes but is not limited to: No Private parties allowed the final week of school for the SRVUSD in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the membership at large.

12. Organized member gatherings of greater than 10 persons must be preapproved to ensure adequate lifeguard coverage. (See DAPA General Rules)

13. No glass of any kind is permitted in the pool facility.

14. Bounce House, Jumpies or Inflatables slides are NOT allowed during parties.  (Bounce Houses, Jumpies or Inflatable Slides are only permitted on the property during DAPA sponsored events.)

15. Parties must follow DAPA food guidelines. Please be mindful that food is not allowed on the pool deck. Food is permitted on the grass and the picnic table areas only. 

16. Host member is responsible for cleaning up after party.  Host member is responsible to see lifeguard for checkout upon conclusion of  party.