Parent Volunteer Requirements


 What does it take to run a swim meet? Parents!

The following responsibilities and policies have been formulated to allow the swim program to run with the least amount of confusion, to encourage enthusiasm and above all, to provide lots of fun for families and swimmers. It takes approximately 65 parents to run a home meet and approximately 45 parents to run an away meet. There are usually two meets per week during the swim season: Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. At home meets we have the earlier warm up time and at away meets we have the later time. Always check in with the meet hostess when you are volunteering at a meet. 

Family Volunteer Requirements

  • 5 dual meet jobs
  • 1 activity job
  • 1 Invitational (Battle of the Ages & VSA) job per swim team season
  • If you have a swimmer in an Invitational (Woodlands & County) - You will be asked to work at that meet

Arrival Times for Parents with Job Responsibilities

HOME MEETS:  Parking Attendants, Set-up, Hostess, Café del Amigo:

Saturdays:  6:30 a.m.                Wednesdays:  3:30 p.m.


HOME AND AWAY MEETS: All other Job Obligations:

Saturdays:  7:45 a.m.                Wednesdays:  4:30 p.m.


As a suggestion, please provide supervision for small children other than yourself if you have a job assignment. Parents cannot be expected to give enough attention to both at the same time. 


You’ll be working at the awards table during the meet. Your responsibility is to place labels on Del ribbons and organize them by last names into the respective family’s folder. Swimmers will pick up ribbons the next day at practice.
Meet General Float Person
Fills in where needed at the meet. Requires flexibility. Check in with Meet Host/Hostess at sign up station.
Lane Timer*
Time swimmers through out the meet.  May have to record times and take manual times. There is 1 relief timer so you may request breaks throughout the meet.
Relief Lane Timer
Relieve timers for 10-15 minute breaks throughout swim meet.
Parking Attendant
Arrive prior to meet start time to help parents unload belongings at front gate and park appropriately and legally.
Sets up, prepares and serves in the snack bar.
Collects manual times recorded by each lane.  Delivers to computer desk for verification.
Meet Set Up
Arrive prior to the meet to set up all meet equipment and safety ropes. There is a lead for set up that can help set up committee with roles and responsibilities.
Meet Tear Down
Stay at the close of the meet to tear down all meet equipment and safety ropes.
Computer Team
This is a “Speciality” job and requires extra training. This job is set at the start of the season and typically the same parents will run “computers” at every home meet.
Lane Shepard
This is a NEW job for DEL this year. We have removed the Organizer position and we are excited to announce Lane Shepherds. For those that have been part of the DEL team this job is replacing the Organizer. PARENTS are responsible for bringing their swimmers to the pool deck to meet Shepherds. Shepherds will line up swimmers in order and walk them over to the correct block. This is only for swim groups: 6U, 7/8, 9/10.  This job runs the entire length of the meet including relays.  
* Job switches/hiring a replacement is allowed for these jobs. If you elect to hire a replacement, any and all replacements must be at least 14 years old. Subs/replacements between the ages of 14-17 years are limited to café, timing and ribbons jobs due to safety and work expectations. Under no circumstances are exceptions allowed. A list of possible candidates will be made available.



It is the parent’s responsibility to find a job replacement and post all changes on the master schedule at the pool.  To begin and end swim meets on time is important to everyone.

Fines for late or missed work/activity assignments are as follows:

$75            if later than 15 minutes after scheduled check in time.

$200            if missed work/activity assignment completely.

A vital part of making the Del Amigo Swim Team successful is the parent’s commitment in running and staffing our swim meets. We cannot overemphasize how important it is for all of us to fulfill our obligations as parents to support the team events. We know all swim team members and families believe in establishing a fair method of cooperation. When you don’t do the job assigned to you, someone else must do it. All outstanding fines must be paid before you can register your child for swim team next year.