Commitment & Expectations

Swim team is a major commitment for both the swimmer and his/her parent(s). Unlike other youth sports, significant parent participation is required to run meets for hundreds of swimmers. Parents greatly influence the success of each swimmer and our swim program.

Swimmer Responsibilities & Expected Conduct

  • Be on time for practice and meets

  • Utilize practice time to learn and refine skills

  • Be respectful to your coaches, teammates

  • Exhibit good sportsmanship with opponents

  • Attend as many practices and meets as possible during the season

  • Avoid horseplay in the pool or around the deck

Parent Responsibilities & Expected Conduct

  • Ensure swimmer attends practices and meets

  • Show respect for all swimmers, coaches, parent volunteers, and opponents

  • Allow the coaches to handle the coaching

  • Cover minimum meet job obligations

  • Pay attention to team communications. Rely on our website, email and text messages.

  • Supervise children during meets and at the pool before and after practice time.

Practice & Meet Schedule
We practice 5 days a week and encourage our swimmers to come to as many practices and meets as possible. Swimmers practice by age group. Schedules are distributed to the team and posted on our website at the start of each season. Login to view the schedule.

Private Swim Lessons
During the summer we offer private, one-on-one swim lessons with our coaches in the afternoon for an additional fee. You can book direct on our website.

Communication with Coaches
During practices and meets, the coach's job is to provide instruction for your kids. It is normal and expected for parents to have questions/comments for the coaches during these times. Unfortunately, conversations while swimmers are in the water take the focus away from coaching. Instead, please contact Aquatics Director or the Coaches Liaison to discuss outside of practice.