Parent participation is mandatory at all meets, time trails, and League Finals. If this obligation is not fulfilled it puts an unnecessary burden on the other families and your swimmer. We require a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work at meets; there will be a $150 fee to any family that does not meet the parent work obligations during the 2019 season. Depending on the circumstances, a child may also be prohibited from swimming in meets or receiving awards if penalties or any other outstanding fees are left unpaid.  Please reach out to the Aquatics manager if there are any inquiries.

This does not include invitational meets or league finals.  Parents of all swimmers attending these meets are required to work at invitational meets and league finals.

Everyone working at a meet is expected to be prompt.  It can’t be stressed enough that your help is seriously needed to make the swim meets a good experience for all concerned.  Please be courteous and arrange for an alternate if you cannot work a meet you have signed up for.


As stated, it is required that all swim team parents volunteer for at least 5 dual meets, time trials and the League Championships. At swim meets, your swimmers are timed, officiated, organized, administrated, and awarded and as on EVERY swim team, the PARENTS are responsible for these duties. Upon registering for the swim team, you must also submit a $125 deposit which will be deposited. If you fail to fulfill your job assignment, you will lose your deposit and you will be required to deposit another $125.

If you fail to do so, your child will not be allowed to swim in meets and will not receive their team trophy. We will have informational meetings at our team kick off for new parents.  Below are descriptions of the jobs available:


At least one timer from each team sits (in a chair, under shade) behind the lane (there are three timers total from both teams behind each lane).  All timers will meet prior to the start of the meet with the Head Timer to make sure everyone is present and to answer any questions timers may have.  Timers time the swimmer in their lane, and then give the average time to the TIMER-RECORDER (this person times and records all of the times, circling the “middle” time).  If a watch fails, then the time is taken from the HEAD TIMER’S watch; this person is the back up timer and is not assigned to a lane.


After all times have been put into the database by the Computer Crew, official results and award labels are printed out (first-sixth place for individual events, first and second place for relays).  Ribbon labelers place the labels on ClubSport swimmers’ ribbons and put them in the swimmers’ file.


Two stroke and turn judges are provided by each team for every meet.  Judges are to attend training held by the VSA League on the rules and regulations of all four strokes, starts, turns, and finishes (for example, swimmers must touch with two hands in the breast and fly; swimmers must not leave early on a relay exchange). Judges will be in charge of watching swimmers in a particular quadrant of the pool and make sure all swimmers are swimming the strokes legally. Judges will write any infraction as either a warning or a disqualification (DQ) on an official slip and give it to the runner.


For 7/8 and 6 & under age groups we will have at least 2 Shepherds who help gather the swimmers together and bring them to their correct heat and lane. The Shepherds will have a copy of all of the events (heats and lanes) of the meet so they know who is swimming where and when to begin gathering the children. Please make sure your children are ready AT LEAST 2 EVENTS PRIOR to their scheduled event. If you have children 8 and under you may be asked to shepherd most meets. Shepherds help to minimize any confusion or swimmers missing their events. Swimmers 9 years old and up are responsible for getting themselves to the proper lane in the correct heat. Coaches cannot be responsible for getting swimmers to their lanes. 



TEAM NAME:  ClubSport San Ramon Marlins

TEAM COLORS:  Orange and Navy Blue

Note: Parents, please be aware that “ swim team ” does not mean “ swim lessons.” Parents have complained in the past that weaker swimmers who do not meet the intermediate standard require more attention from the coaches for safety reasons. Teen volunteers often help with the younger non swimming members who in time learn to maneuver their way up and down the lanes of the pool and eventually become swimmers themselves. If your swimmer(s) require quicker progress, then ClubSport San Ramon offers swim lessons. A coach may encourage your swimmer benefitting from more 1:1 instruction. Please speak with your coach on how to do so.

The intermediate standard is as followed:
Swimmers should be proficient in all 4 strokes; proficient means forward progress with the ability to swim comfortably the length of the pool, per stroke. Previous swim team experienced preferred but not required.

--The following is what your swimmer(s) can expect to work toward while on the swim team--

Intermediate Swimmers

  •  Develop proper, efficient technique in all strokes.
  •  Develop streamlines.
  •  Develop breath control in freestyle and butterfly.
  •  Develop aggressive kick.

Intermediate to Advance Swimmers

  •  Develop proper, efficient technique in all stokes and try to break bad habits.
  •  Learn how to swim a proper 50-yard race including disciplined breathing patterns in freestyle and butterfly.
  •  Introduce and develop proper technique for all turns.

Advance Swimmers

  •  Develop proper, efficient technique in all strokes, and try to break old habits.
  •  Strengthen kick in all strokes.
  •  Develop a disciplined breathing pattern in freestyle and butterfly.
  •  Introduce and develop proper technique for all turns.
  •  Introduce more intense, disciplined training.
  •  Perfect strokes.