Communication with parents and swimmers is an important part of our program, and we make every attempt to keep everyone as informed as possible.  The team website, contains schedules; meet sign-in information, results, and more.  We encourage parents and swimmers to check it regularly.  Bookmark our website, and add your email to our contact list.  Email is our main source of communication for our coaches.

The best communication comes through parental involvement. Parents who volunteer to help before, during, and after swim meets and who participate in other swim team activities tend to be much more informed about the team than parents who do not participate.  There are a number of ways in which information will be communicated to swimmers and their families:


·         MARLINS WEBSITE:  The swim team website is This is our main source for all team communication.  The team calendar, meet details, directions to away meets, social events, and contact information for the coaches and booster club are available there.  All important information will be posted on the homepage as well as all past news such as meet results and newsletters.

·         FACEBOOK:  Add us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with all the latest news!

·         OnDECK PARENT APP: Download the free app for OnDeck Parent for Meet Entries while on deck at the swim meet. 

·         BULLETIN BOARD:  There is a swim team bulletin board at the entrance of the pool in between the junior locker rooms.  Swim team notices, calendars, and information will be posted there.  Please check the board for up to date information.

Feel free to contact either our Head Coach or President for any questions or concerns. 


  •  Head Coach - Kim Leslie

  •  Coach - Melissa Beninsig

  •  Assistant Coach - Adrianna Sanchez 

  •  Junior Coach - Sapna Sangha

  •  Junior Coach - Kaitlyn Straka