Valley Swim League


(Last Update February 4, 2019)


  1. Valley Swim League (VSL) is composed of the following swim teams:
    1. Castlewood Country Club
    2. Livermore Area Recreation and Park District
    3. Livermore Valley Tennis Club
    4. Pleasanton Valley Center
    5. San Ramon Aqua Bears
    6. Sunset Cabana Club
    7. Rhonewood
    8. CSSR Marlins

  1. All swim teams are required to use the follow software programs to manage their teams and run their swim meets:
    1. Team Manager 5.0
    2. Swim Meet Manager 5.0
    3. Team Unify

  1. Swimmer Eligibility
    1. All competitors must be a swim team member of a participating club
    2. The age group a VSL team member swims in will be determined by his or her chronological age on, or after, June 1st
    3. Swimmers are eligible to compete through the summer following their high school graduation.
    4. December 31st of the previous year is the deadline to compete in a USS meet.  Completing in a USS meet after that date prohibits participation in the VSL for the following summer.  Swimmer may train with a USS team in the spring but not participate in USS meets until after the VSL summer season has ended.
  2. Swim meet schedule (Suggested Model)
    1. Meet schedule is agreed upon during Jan/Feb league meeting.  Prior championship results help determine schedule.
      1. Top 4 teams swim against themselves (3 meets) with 2 meets against teams finishing 5 – 8.  Bottom 4 teams swim against themselves (3 meets) with 2 meets against teams finishing 1 – 4.

Swim Meets

          Dual Meets

  1. Age groups
    1. Competing age groups are as follow:
  1. 6 & Under       Boys & Girls
  2. 7 & 8 yr.             “            “
  3. 9 & 10               “            “
  4. 11 & 12              “            “
  5. 13 & 14              “            “
  6. 15 - 18*              “            “
  7. Order of events
    1. Medley relay
    2. Freestyle
    3. Butterfly
    4. Breaststroke

-- Break --

  1. Individual medley
  2. Backstroke
  3. Freestyle relay

  1. Scoring
    1. Individual events (Top 3 swimmers from each team are scored across heats.)
      1. 7 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
    2. Relays (1st heat only with only 1 score per team)
      1. 14 – 10
  2. Stroke definition:  Strokes will be judged based upon USS rules except for the following VSL adjustments:
    1. For the first two dual meets, teams are allowed to lower the stroke requirements for 6 & under and 7 & 8 age groups.  Both teams must agree to the changes.
  3. Each relay team must have 4 different swimmers
  4. Each swimmer is limited to 5 scoring events (individual and relays).  Any swimmer swimming more than 5 scoring events will be automatically disqualified for each event after the first 5.
    1. This rule does not apply when an age group for the swim meet has 6 swimmers or less.
    2. This rule does not apply when there are not enough swimmers to create a relay.
    3. Swimmers can swim up one age group to complete a relay.  There are no move ups in individual events.
    4. Girls can swim in a ‘Mixed’ relay when there are not enough boys in an age group to fill a relay team.  There must be a minimum of 2 boys.
  5. Host teams swim in the even numbered lanes with the visiting team in the odd number lanes.
  6. Host team responsibility
    1. Hosting coach needs to initiate contact with the visiting coach 4 days prior to the meet to discuss meet details.  Meet lineups are due 3 days prior to the meet with the final merged meet file being sent back to the visiting 2 days before the meet (Thursday night at latest for Saturday meets and 3 days prior for Wednesday meets).
    2. Host team runs the meet and sets the meet rules which include:
      1. Start time
      2. Special circumstances (dress code, noise, parking issues etc.)
    3. Provides a pool ready to support a swim meet.
    4. Provides staff for the following jobs:
  1. Computer operator (includes merging of meet files prior to the meet and sending out final results)
  2. Meet marshal
  3. Starting system
  4. 9 timers
  5. 1 stroke and turn judge
  1. Visiting team responsibilities
    1. Send meet lineup file to host team 4 days prior to the meet
    2. Agree to meet rules as set by the host team.
    3. Provides staff for the following jobs:
      1. 9 timers
      2. 1 stroke and turn judge
  2. Away teams follow the rules of the Home team with consideration of set up policies, arrival, parking:
    1. Home team communicates with  Away team with prior to meet with consideration of food policies (snack bar), arrival time, where to set up,
    2. Send PDF of Home team instructions/policies
    3. Home team sets up Away team table for coaches
    4. Goal is to communicate prior to each meet to avoid any problems and escalations.

Championship Meet

  1. Swimmers must compete in two dual meets during the season to be eligible for the Championship meet; verification to be established upon request.
  2. Swimmers are limited to 4 events at Championship (individual and/or relay); maximum of 3 individual events.
  3. Each team can only submit 2 swimmers per age group for each individual event and 1 relay team per age group.
  4. Boy relays can only become mixed relays if a team has less than the minimum number of boys to swim on their team roster (6 or less for 10 and under, 7 or less for 11+).  There must be a minimum of two boys for each mixed relay.
  5. Order of events will be the same as in dual meets
  6. A swimmer may swim up in a relay only if there are not enough swimmers in an age group, on the team roster.  If a swimmer swims up in a relay they may swim in their regular age group for individual events.  If a swimmer swims up in individual events, they must swim up in any event in which they compete.
  7. There will only be two (2) heats for each individual event and one (1) heat for each relay event.
    1. Faster swimmers will swim in the 2nd heat.
    2. Seeding of each event will be based upon seed times from dual meets.

  1. Teams can bring a maximum of 3 alternates per age group, alternates can swim in either relays or individual events (alternates and/or relay swimmers are eligible to swim in the invitational meet in individual events only).  Alternates must follow all rules specified above.
  2. Relays must swim in the order in which they are listed in the system.
  3. Medals are awarded to top 3 times and ribbons for places 4 – 8th place, regardless of what heat the swimmer swims in.  Participations ribbons are handed out to 9th – 16th places.
  4. Schedule for championships:  Warm ups begin at 7:00a.m and end by 8:00a.m., national anthem 8:15, first event begins at 8:30a.m.
  5. Each team is required to meet the following deadlines for the Championship meet:
    1. Meet entries are due the Sunday before the meet at 5:00pm.  Failure to turn in meet entries by the specified time above will result in a 50 dollar fine payable to the Valley Swim League treasurer.
    2. First draft of merged meet will be sent to team coaches after all teams send in their line ups.
    3. All corrections are due by the Monday before the meet at 5:00pm
    4. No changes will be made after all corrections have been turned in.
    5. All teams are required to submit their insurance with a $1 million rider
  6. Scoring will be as follows:
    1. Individual events
      1. 17 – 15 – 14 – 13 – 12 – 11 – 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

  1. Relays:
    1. 25 – 22 – 21 – 19 – 18 – 16 – 15 – 13 
  1. Warm up lane assignments are as follows:
    1. Castlewood                                   Lane 1
    2. Robert Livermore Com. Center    Lane 2
    3. Livermore Valley Tennis Club     Lane 3
    4. Pleasanton Valley Club                Lane 4
    5. Rhonewood                                  Lane 5
    6. San Ramon                                    Lane 6
    7. Sunset                                           Lane 7
    8. CSSR Marlins                               Lane 8
  2. Each team needs to provide the following workers:
    1. 3 timers with backup stop watches per half
    2. 1 recorder (with backup stopwatch, clipboard and ball point pen) per half
    3. 2 people for misc. jobs ( “gate keeper,”  locker room check, backup for missing volunteers, etc.)
    4. Ribbon writer teams.  Each club will handle one event.
    5. 1 Lane Marshall (entire meet)
    6. 1 Stroke and turn judge (1/2 meet)
  3. Additional volunteers required
    1. Announcer
    2. National Anthem performer
    3. Meet computer person
  4. No team cheers inside the pool gates
  5. Meet director has final discretion on all championship rules