San Ramon Aquacats Swim Team

A huge part of the Aquacats success as a team is the commitment and coordinated effort of our swim families and our staff.  With more than 200 swimmers with busy and varied schedules, effective communication among coaches, board members, swimmers and their families is crucial.  The Aquacats swim program is packed with meets, practices, and social activities.  To keep up to date and to most effectively communicate with our staff, several key mechanisms have been set up:

Aquacats Web Site
Our web address is  Bookmark the page to check meet results or review other information.

E-mail Communication
You will be receiving e-mail communication throughout the season. We will send you specific information on upcoming events, messages from the coaches and board and any last-minute announcements.

Ribbon Boxes
The ribbon boxes contain a folder for each family. They are kept poolside once the meet season begins (beginning of June). Check your folder DAILY!   Swimmer’s ribbons, patches and awards, as well as special notices are distributed there.  Swimmers love to check their folders!  Ribbons and awards are distributed usually one or two days after a meet.

Attend / Decline Tab on Events

For all Aquacats events and meets, there is a give time to sign-up.  Please be sure to click “Attend / Decline” for all events in a timely manner and when you receive the first reminder of the event or meet.  We will NOT sign swimmers up for events or meets after the posted deadline.  There is a lot of work that goes into planning meets and events, your attention and careful planning are crucial to a successful season.

Meet Line-ups
An email will be sent to all Aquacats families prior to a meet with the meet line-ups.  Once entries are submitted for meets, the events your swimmer is scheduled to swim cannot be changed. Always check the meet line-ups.

Invitational Meets Sign-Ins
Participation in these meets requires an entry fee be paid for each swimmer whose name is listed as a participant.  If a swimmer has not signed in for an Invitational Meet by the stated deadline, they will not be eligible to swim at the Invitational.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to the team and the coaches to sign in to these meets as early in the season as possible.  The list of entries must be submitted to the sponsoring team three to four weeks before the Invitational Meets, so sign in early in the season to ensure your swimmer is entered.

Communication with Coaches
Swimmer safety is a number 1 concern of the Aquacats.  Accordingly, it is Aquacats team policy that parents do not approach coaches on the pool deck to discuss individual swimmers.  Focus must be on swimmers in the water.  The Aquacats Coaches are hard working and dedicated to our swimmers.  All of the coaches welcome and encourage parent interest, but please be considerate.  Don’t interrupt the coaches during practice, lessons, workouts, or meets.  You can email them (get their email from the “Coaches” tab on the web-site) or arrange for an appointment when there will be free time to talk.  Please do not call coaches (unless previously arranged) as they need time away from the pool and it is disruptive to their families.  If your swimmer is sick and cannot make it to a meet, please email our Team Manager.