San Ramon Aquacats Swim Team

San Ramon Aquacats Volunteer Policy


The San Ramon Aquacats Swim Team (SRAC) is a non-profit organization run on Parent Power! Without the full and active support of all of our parents, our meets and special events would not be possible!   

The San Ramon Aquacats Board of Directors is comprised of parent volunteers and oversees the day to day operations of the team including swim team expenses such as coaches’ salaries, swim meets and pool rental.  

Swim meets are run by volunteers – we all pitch in to make a great experience for all the swimmers on our team and in our league.  Ninety (90) adults are needed to work each home meet. Sixty five (65) adults are required for away meets.

SRAC does our best to make it as easy as possible for everyone to fulfill their volunteer obligations. Parents are responsible for signing up for ALL of their Parent Volunteer Hours on the Aquacats website prior to time trials.

Volunteer Requirement:

The following volunteer policy applies to all regular members of the San Ramon Aquacats Swim Team.  

Volunteer Deposit

  • All Families (except for exemption noted below) are required to pay a $350 volunteer deposit in addition to registration fees. This amount will be refunded after the Volunteer Coordinator has verified the completion of the 30 Parent Volunteer Hours/Points & completion of volunteer hours at VSA Championship. 
  • 6U only families are responsible for 15 Parent Volunteer hours & completion for volunteer hours at VSA Championship.


Volunteer Deposit Exemptions


  • Families who only have swimmers in the 15-18 Age Group or Aqua-Kittens are exempt from the volunteer deposit and 30-hours/points requirement.  
  • Some specialized committee positions have been determined by the board of directors to be exempt from the volunteer deposit.  These positions are listed on the SRAC website and must be pre-approved by the board of directors to confirm deposit exemption.


Payment in lieu of volunteer hours

  • At the start of each season, you may elect to opt-out of volunteer hours and make a payment to the San Ramon Aquacats Swim Team. Though we would much prefer you to volunteer your time, the opt-out fee of $650 is due by April 1st. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinators, Rebecca Loud and Sandy Tan, at [email protected] prior to the deadline to choose this option. 

Total Hours Required

Per Hour Rate

Total for Season










30-Hours/Point Parent Volunteer Requirement


  • All SRAC families are required to work (30) Parent Volunteer Hours, or earn 30 Parent Volunteer Points, during the swim season, which runs from June through the VSA League Championships. Hours worked in excess of the requirement at one meet will not carry over toward credit at another meet.
  • If you have not chosen your 30 Parent Volunteer Hours / Points one week after time trials, you will be assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you need assistance signing up for your work assignments. 

  • 6U only families are responsible for 15 Parent Volunteer hours and completion of volunteer hours at VSA Championship.

  • If you have any challenges that would make a particular job difficult for you to work (such as hearing loss, English language difficulties, etc.) please notify the Volunteer Coordinator ASAP. All information regarding any special needs or challenges will be kept strictly confidential.


Additional Volunteer Service Commitment

  • If your child participates in an invitational meet, such as the Woodlands Invitational or the County Meet, you may be required by the hosts to volunteer for a timing shift that is in addition to your 30-hours/points team requirement.  These required service hours will be determined based on the number of athletes competing in the meet and the requirements of the host teams. These requirements will be sent via team unify e-mail at least 48 hours prior to the meet. 
  • All families are required to assist at the VSA League Championships in addition to the 30-Hour/Points Volunteer requirement.  The VSA league assigns jobs based on the needs of the meet and by number of swimmers participating in the meet. Families with deficient team volunteer hours will be assigned first to fulfill any league obligations, then any remaining jobs will be assigned to participating families.


Policy for Completing Assigned Parent Volunteer Hours

  • A parent or family representative (16 years of age or older) of a swimmer must check-in at the beginning of an event or shift and complete their assigned position to receive credit for Parent Volunteer Hours worked.
  • To provide the best atmosphere and to ensure that the swimmers are the focus of the meet, we request that parents refrain from using cell phones or consuming alcohol while completing their work assignment.
  • Many of our job assignments require your complete attention and you should not be caring for younger children while completing your work assignment.
  • If you are unable to perform a scheduled volunteer job, you must find a replacement or coordinate another way to fulfill your commitment prior to the meet via written communication with the Volunteer Coordinators at  [email protected]. Failure to communicate with the volunteer coordinators or fulfill the required commitment will result in your account being fined. WE NEED YOUR HELP - not your money! All families must complete their volunteer commitment in order for the meets to successfully run. 
  • If your swimmer has signed out of a meet, but you are scheduled to work that meet, you are still expected to fulfill your work assignments by either working the meet or by finding a replacement.


To Register for your commitment:

STEP 1: Prior to the Meet: Volunteers must sign up online prior to the event! Team Unify has a system for keeping up with your volunteer hours. You must sign up for your volunteer position under “job sign up”. The jobs are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please sign up quickly.  

STEP 2: At the Event:  Volunteers must also sign in at the volunteer check-in table in order to receive credit for their participation. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to sign in. Unless excused by the volunteer coordinator, the volunteer must remain during the entire length of the session he/she is working, regardless of when his/her swimmers’ races are completed 

Penalties for Not Completing Volunteer Requirement

  • Parents who are a “NO SHOW” or who do not complete their work assignment in its entirety will be charged a non-refundable fee of $50 per incident that will be charged to your Team Unify account on the billing cycle immediately following the meet. You will still need to complete the full 30-hour volunteer requirement.
  • Your $50 non-refundable fee must be paid prior to the next meet in order for your swimmer to compete in the next meet.
  • You will lose your returning family priority registration for the next season.
  • Your volunteer deposit will not be refunded and you will be charged $20.00 per hour for any Parent Volunteer hours/ points not completed by the end of the season.
  • Your account will be suspended and your Volunteer Hour Balance must be paid in full before you will be allowed to sign-up for a swim meet or register for the next swim season.