While our swim team leaders/board have a large part in running our team, our team requires parent help to keep meets moving and make sure our swimmers can enjoy their summer league experience. Every little bit helps and the coaches are better able to focus on the kids.

Each meet you attend will provide a variety of positions to be filled, completely with parent volunteers. We require our parents to volunteer in three half-meets during the swim season, not including mock meet. In addition, you will need to volunteer at Champs if your child is participating.

Some of the ways you can help volunteer: running concessions, stroke & turn judge (we will provide training reimbursement), timers (12 per meet), hospitality, clerk of course, set-up, break down, and a few other positions. We can ALWAYS use help! We will have sign-ups available for each meet at the beginning of the season (via the website -> Events / Job Signup) and ask that you contact Cher Younger if you have any questions.

  • Each swimmer is required to provide one adult for volunteer duties for one of the two away meets. For home meets, one adult per family is expected to assume volunteer duties that take place before, during, or immediately after the meet.
  • If you cannot make it to the volunteer assignment you have been assigned, you are responsible for finding and posting a replacement and for notifying Cher Younger.
  • These volunteer responsibilities are intended for adults. Children under 16 may not fulfill adult responsibilities.
  • Parents who are assigned duties that take place during the meet (except timers) will have the opportunity to leave their work post to watch their child swim, and are expected to promptly return to their position between their child’s scheduled events. All parents are expected to be on time for their duties.