ERRA Barracuda Team

The ERRA Swim Team accepts swimmers who can swim the entire length of the pool, without stopping and unassisted. 

  • Swimmers on the team must not be older than 18 years as of June 1 and must be able to swim one length of the entire pool unassisted to qualify for the team.
  • Current swim team age groups include 6 & under, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15-18.

Junior Barracudas 

This program is limited to 24 swimmers that are not able to complete a length of the pool. We will have a 10:1 coach to swimmer ratio assigned to these children. They will have minimum requirements that they must fulfill to be a part of this group: swim 1/4 length of the pool, comfortable jumping into water over head, breathe without stopping, and move arms in a freestyle motion. Junior Barracudas do not swim in meets, but are more than welcome to attend and cheer on their friends!

Junior Barracudas practice five times a week, starting with evening practices prior to school releasing for the summer and ending the Friday after our final swim meet. Junior Barracudas will not practice the week prior to our championship meet the last Saturday in July. Practices will end by the Saturday BEFORE the Champs meet. 

A child is able to move up from the Jr. Barracuda team to the regular Barracuda team mid-season as soon as (s)he is ready.

If your child is not able to perform these basic swim skills, you may want to consider enrolling them in swim lessons. You can visit to inquire about lessons.