ERRA has adopted the following policies regarding weather and the delay/cancellation of meets and/or practices to keep our team members and families safe. Please read the following guidelines that have been established. Know that our goal, along with the competing team, is to complete the meet, but if the weather intervenes there is little we can do.

  1. If it rains, we will still swim (the swimmers get wet anyway) so pack an umbrella and rain gear just in case. Lifeguards will make safety decisions. If the weather worsens, we will keep you updated via a text update or through the Remind app (be sure to sign up for this!).
  2. Follow ALL directions by the ERRA pool and the lifeguards – no exceptions! In the event of a weather interruption all meet participants must leave the pool area completely and go to the parking lot. Pool policy is no one is allowed back onto the pool deck until 30 minutes has elapsed from the most recent thunder or lightning. A minimum of two lifeguards will attend each meet and keep the team leaders aware of any additional weather delays.
  3. For practice days, if the water is too cold (below 70 degrees), we will plan to have a dryland practice. We don’t want your kids shivering and sick, so make sure kids are prepared with shoes and appropriate clothing in case we do not get in the water.
  4. We will not postpone any home meet to start later than 6pm. Swimmers need to warmup prior to the meet starting. Warm ups will start at 5pm regardless of rain. VSL (Valley Swim League) bylaws require all meets must begin by 7pm and must end no later than 10pm. Getting started early is key to keeping the meet on track, and we want to get you home early!
  5. We will not delay the re-start of a meet more than one hour total. We know that your time is valuable and keeping the kids cooped up in the car can be crazy, so we have set a maximum wait time before we call the meet. VSL requires us to get through at least half of the meet events for the meet to “count.”
  6. If the meet starts on time at 6pm, but the weather causes a delay 10 minutes later at 6:10pm and the pool deck needs to be evacuated until 6:40, we will continue. If the delay continues and there is another showing of thunder and/or lightning at 6:40, delaying the meet until 7:10pm, we will postpone the meet until the following day.
  7. Home meets will be rescheduled for the following night (Wednesday) if the visiting team agrees. At away meets we will abide by their pool policies and decide with the coaches on a day to reschedule. We will decide before leaving the pool when the rescheduled meet will occur so you know immediately. Again, keep your phone handy for text alerts via the Remind app.
  8. Each pool will have their own policy, and ERRA will need to abide by their guidelines. Just as we are asking visiting teams to follow our weather policy, we will follow other pool policies, even if they are not the same as ours. Some of the pools we swim with are public and need to reschedule meets on different days.