The Friday before the meet it is important for you to declare whether your child(ren) will be attending the swim meet that Tuesday.


HOW TO SIGN UP FOR MEETS: You will sign out of or declare for a meet on the website. Go to Events, then click on Edit Commitment, then click on the Swimmer’s Name, then Choose either ‘Yes, sign _________ up for this event.’ or ‘No, _______ will not attend this event.’ Do this for each swimmer in your family. Don’t forget to click Save Changes!

All meets begin at 6 pm. If a meet is AWAY, warm-ups begin for us at 5:30 PM. If a meet is at HOME, warm-ups begin at 5:00 PM. Please arrive half an hour before warm-ups so each swimmer has time to see what events they are swimming and we have time to stretch as a team.

  • Meets consist of 62 events and must end my 10:00pm.
  • Under VSL rules, swimmers may compete in up to five events per meet, including up to three individual races and up to two relays.

Swimmers MUST CHECK IN WITH COACHES upon arriving and before leaving the meet – this is to ensure they are not scheduled for any relays during the meet.

Swimmer IDs - Most swimmers bring a Sharpie and write their Swimmer ID number on their arm and events down on their hand. If they do this, it is easy for any adult to help them get to where they need to be, and the Clerk-of-Course to know they are in the correct place. You may wish to put a grid on your child as follows:




25 Fly




25 Back




25 Free




Free Relay

In the above example, the child is swimming: event 13, heat 1, lane 4 (25 fly); event 25, heat 1, lane 6  (25 back); event 45, heat 1, lane 3 (25 free); and even 53, heat 1, lane 2 (free relay)

Getting to Events - Swimmers are responsible for getting to Clerk-of-Course by themselves; however, there will be poles with the event number that is being called placed around the pool so everyone knows who is supposed to report.

Bad Weather - In the event of inclement weather, the meet may be delayed. Thunder or lightning may require you to clear the pool deck and wait in your car. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE MEET UNLESS IT IS CANCELED. We will use the Remind app to send out updates. We do our best to keep meets on the evening scheduled, but your safety is our top concern! Please see our full weather policy (located in this handbook) for more information on rescheduling of meets and inclement weather.



  • TEAM SHIRT, team cap, swimsuit, goggles, towel, & Sharpie. Sunscreen is optional.
  • Bring sweatshirt, sweatpants, or pjs for when swimming is completed – it may get chilly!
  • Drink: water, sports drink, or juice.
  • Snacks (keep it healthy).
  • Games and small toys for between events.
  • A good attitude and lots of cheering!
  • Bring chairs and blankets (parents). Every meet will have a concession booth available as well with dinner choices if you are running late or do not wish to pack a meal.

Awards – Ribbons are awarded for places 1 through 8 in each individual event and places 1 through 3 for relays for all meets. Best time ribbons are awarded to swimmers who improve their times during the swim season.

Ribbon Boxes – Swimmers will receive their earned ribbons throughout the season. Ribbons can be found in the ribbon box located on the counter inside the ERRA pool house. Please be sure to check the box and counter regularly for ribbons and information.

Champs Meet – Any swimmer who has participated in at least two meets over the course of the season will be eligible to participate at the final Champs meet held at JMU after the end of the season.