Ashby Meet Wrap-up 2022

ERRA Coaches

We had such a good meet everyone! I am proud of all the swimmers for trying their hardest! Keep it up the good energy for the next meet! Final score - Ashby: 192 | ERRA: 393.

There were over 250 individual races last night and out of those, 129 were BEST TIMES!! And there were more than 100 relay legs - that's a lot of swimming! 

Thank you again to the many parents who helped out (including last minute) - every job helps out on deck. 

You can see your swimmer's times in the Swimmingly Fan app. Search for ERRA and then look for the Ashby meet. All times are listed by event. If you'd like, you can view the PDF results HERE

Ribbons should be available by THURSDAY morning - so check the ribbon box on the counter. All ribbons are in a plastic envelope with your swimmer's last name. Please leave the envelope so we can continue to add ribbons!

This week during practices, we’ll be working on all the strokes and getting endurance up! We also will work on sportsmanship - like staying in the water until the heat is finished and cheering on our teammates! We're also looking forward to having Coach Aiden on deck with us. A BIG thanks to all of our older swimmers and Coach Haley who have been helping us out the last two weeks. :)

Coach Anna (and Coach Aiden)