"Confidence is the key to one's success.  When you start believing in yourself, you will achieve your goals! Each and every day you must dedicate yourself, swim with determination, have fun, and leave as a better athlete. Stay Swimming with Coach Brett at PVC"

Below is a list of our 2022/2023 Programs.  Please email me, Coach Brett, at [email protected] for any questions on programs below.  All training sessions for all programs will be held at Pleasanton Valley Club, 5014 Golden Road, Pleasanton, Ca.

PVC Spring Swim Camp Update (2/1/23): Thank you for your interest in our 2023 Spring Stroke&Turn Camp.  Registration is closed as of today, February 1st.  Families and Swimmers who have already registered will be placed in Training Groups.  Training Schedule and Training Groups are currently being established.  Schedule will be sent via email and posted by February 10th

PVC Spring "Stroke&Turn Camp" Update (1/27/23): Spring Swim Registration is OPEN Today, January 27th.  Sign up Link is posted below.  Spring Camp is geared to prepare all summer league swimmers for successful summer season.  Stroke Technique, Turns, Starts, and Racing will be focal points for all swimmers.  Spring Swim is Tuesday February 28th thru April 20th.  7 Weeks of Training, no training April 3rd thru 10th due to Spring Break.  All Swimmers will be placed in Safe Training Groups of 24 to 30 swimmers.  Training Times/Training Groups will be sent via email after registration closes or by February 18th.  No Full Refunds after Tuesday, February 28th. Cost of Spring Swim is $400 per swimmer or $350 if a Fall Camp #2 or Winter Camp Swimmer.  Email Coach Brett for questions, [email protected] or [email protected]

Spring Swim 2023 Sign up Link: Spring Swim Registration is Closed

Please make check payable to PVC and mail to: Your form will not be counted until payment is received  

Felicia Douwes 650-245-9686
2870 Foothill Oaks Terrace
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Mailbox is on the corner of Foothill Oaks Terrace and Foothill Oaks Drive.  Do not drive up the hill to my house please.

PVC Winter Swim Camp Update (11/29/22): Winter Swim Registration is OPEN.  Registration Form and Waiver is posted below.  Winter Swim will offer a 5 week swim program (January 3rd-February 2nd) for our High School Swimmers.  Cost is $250 for 5 week program.  Winter Swim will also offer a 8 week program (January 3rd-February 23rd) for all other swimmers.  Cost is $350 for 8 week program.   Training will begin January 3rd for all Winter Swim Groups.  Training is held Monday thru Thrusday, 3:50 to 8:30 pm.  All forms and payment must be turned in to be enlisted in our PVC Winter Program.  Training Groups and Training Schedule will be sent out via email and posted on Team Unify once Winter Swim Regratation closes.  Checks payable to PVC.  Drop off or Mail Forms & Payment to 4447 Bacon Court, Pleasanton, Ca, 94588


PVC Fall Swim Update (11/28/22): Congrats to Alexis Thompson, Thatcher Douwes, Jayla Threets, Laird Muise, and Peyton Choi for representing our PVC Fall Swim Team at Winter JO's on December 2nd thru 4th, 2022 in Santa Clara.  Good Luck! All Heart, No Pain!! Go Dolphins JO Team!!!

PVC Fall Swim Camp #2 Update (9/16/22): Thank you for all your interest in our Fall Swim Camps.  Fall Swim Camp #2 Registration is closed.  Families who already turned in Fall Camp #2 Registration will be notified placement on Tuesday, September 20th.  Winter Camp 2023 Registration will begin late November.  Winter Camp is expected to start first Week of January for High School Swimmers and 2nd Week of January for MiddleSchool/Elementarty aged swimmers.  

PVC Fall Swim Camp #2 Update (9/13/22): New Families interested in Fall Swim Camp #2, registration will be open September 15th to 17th.  Acceptance will be based on date registration was received and camp group spacing.  Cost of Fall Camp #2 will be $450 per swimmer.  Fall Camp 2 will train October 11th thru December 2nd.  Registration Form, Covid Waiver, and Payment should be dropped off in Fall Swim Camp #2 Drop box at 4447 Bacon Court, Pleasanton.  Forms are posted Now Below!  Once forms are removed all spots are filled and we will not offer a wait list.

Fall Swim Camp #2 Forms have been removed due to Fall Swim Camp reaching capacity.  Winter Camp and Spring Camp will be our first 2 programs in 2023!

PVC Fall Swim Update (9/1/22):  Fall Swim Camp #2 Registration Dates are September 5th thru 15th for Fall Camp #1 Swimmers.  New Swimmers/Families sign ups will be September 15th thru 17th ONLY.  We expect only 20 to 30 spots opening for new swimmers.  Registration Forms will be posted here closer to September 15th.  Fall Swim Camp #2 Training Dates are October 11th thru December 1st.  Training Times are assigned between 3:45 to 8:30 pm.  We will run either 4 or 5 training groups.  Please email Coach Brett at [email protected] or [email protected] for questions

PVC Fall Swim Camp Update (7/22/22):  Fall Camp #1 Registration is closed and currently has a waiting list.  Those of you whom have signed up will receive an email early next week with Fall Camp  acceptance, camp information, and training group assignment.  Thank you for the abundance of interest from all swim families.  Good Luck at Champs! We train to succeed!! 

PVC Fall Swim Camp Update (7/7/22): PVC Fall Swim Camp Registration begins Saturday, July 9th.  Fall Camp #1 will run August 9th thru October 5th.  8+ Weeks of training with practice held Monday thru Thursday 3-4 times a week.  Checks payable to PVC or Cash is also Allowed.  Registration Form, Covid-19 Waiver/PVC Liability Waiver, and payment can be hand delivered or mailed to Brett Rauscher 4447 Bacon Court, Pleasanton, Ca, 94588.  Priority Registration will be given to Spring Camp Swimmers and PVC Dolphins thru July 16th.  Space will be limited for new Swimmers as we will run 5 camp/training groups of 24-30 stable swimmers.  Hand Delivery is recommeded for New Swimmers.  Fall Camp Groups/Training Schedule will be sent out once registration closes.  All swimmers are assigned groups and assessed the first 2 weeks of the Fall Season.  Trainings will be between 3:45 to 8:45 pm each day, younger swimmers first.

Fall Swim Camp #1 will run August 9th thru October 5th.  We will run a 2nd Fall Camp at the conclusion of Camp #1.  Camp #2 start date is October 10th.   Camp Length and Training:  Each swimmer will be assigned to one of our 5 Training Groups.  Training is 3:45 to 8:45 Monday thry Thursday.  Training Sessions vary based on age.   Camp Cost: Spring Camp Swimmers $400, New Camp Swimmers/Siblings $450. Checks payable to PVC or Cash Allowed.  All New Swimmers to PVC Dolphin Camp should have a separate check for each swimmer.

FALL SWIM CAMP 2022 (6/3/22): Fall Swim Camp 2022 will continue to train in Safe, Stable groups of 24 to 30 swimmers.  This allows us more specialized training while keeping all swimmers safe.  Fall Camp #1 is scheduled to begin August 9th.  Fall Swim Registration will begin July 9th, 2022 for Fall Camp #1 (August/September).  Registration details and cost of program available soon.  Fall Camp #2 is scheduled for October thru December 5th.  Please email Coach Brett, [email protected] for all questions.  Stay Safe! Stay Swimming!!


Winter Swim Conditioning Camp: Known as our High School Pre-Season Clinic 2023.  All training sessions are held at PVC Pool.  Clinic's focus is to get our swimmers a jump on their competition and stroke technique in 2023!  Winter Camp 2023 trains January 3rd-February 3rd (HS Camp) and January 3rd thru February 23rd for our Age Group Swimmers . High School Swim Season Begins February 6th.  Good Luck All High School Swimmers!
Spring Camp 2023:  This camp is geared to prepare all summer league swimmers for their upcoming summer season.  Stroke Technique, Turns, Racing, and Starts will be focal points for all swimmers.  Training will begin March 1st and run thru April 21st.  Swimmers will train for 7 Weeks.  
Fall Swim 2022 Update:   Fall Swim 2022 is expected to train in camp groups based on Safety, Stable Groups of 24 swimmers and 8 week long swim camps. Fall Camp #1 August/September, Fall Camp #2 October/November.  We train each individual athlete to new personal goals along with camp group goals.  Meets are offered throughout our Fall Season.  Fall Camp 2022 will begin in August.

FALL SWIM CAMPS 2021 UPDATE (7/1/21):  The sport of swimming has changed over the last year due to COVID-19, social distancing, and strict safety guidelines.  Summer Swim Teams have finally returned with the help of Swim Camps and Dual Swim Meets.  I was diligent and determined to get as many swimmers back in the water last fall.  I did succeed in a return to swimming in 2020, however, spaces were limited.   I will say with much joy, camp atmosphere has been a game changer in the sport of swimming, mentally and physically.  First off, all swimmers are equal, everyone is a #1 or #2...this has brought an abundance of confidence to all campers.  Secondly, when swimmers are asked to perfect technique, drills, and refine stroke...they are no longer looking back to see if another swimmer will catch them and take over their spot.  100% focus is on individual technique!  Each swimmer now has a training buddies/camp buddies. New bonds and friendships build stronger each day as we use training buddy for competition and as a teammate when we race other lanes/other buddies.  With all of this, training groups will remain 24 swimmers this Fall for 8 week camps, August 9th thru September 30th and October 4th thru November 24th.  Registration will begin July 9th.  Spaces will be limited so please feel free to email me now your interest level at [email protected]  Stay Safe and please tell your family Coach Brett misses each of them! Be on the lookout for Fall Camp Registration Forms

My mission is to provide the youth of our community the knowledge to succeed in and out of the water and to promote the sport of swimming in our area.  Athletes will be given the opportunity to pursue all their goals in all our programs and are capable of many achievements.  I pride myself on the swim techniques taught in my program, which will translate into a more stroke efficient, faster swimmer.  Beyond mastering skills and achieving physical fitness, my swimmers will gain confidence, sportsmanship, discipline, commitment, and an understanding that success results from hard work and goal setting.  Swimmers will learn that you get what you work for, not what you wish for.  

Stay Swimming! Go Dolphins!

All Heart, No Pain!!!

Coach Brett