Our swim groups are segmented by age group as of June 1st of the season, as noted below:

6 and Under Girls and Boys

7-8 Girls and Boys

9-10 Girls and Boys

11-12 Girls and Boys

13-14 Girls and Boys

15-18 Girls and Boys

*The coaches reserve the right to move swimmers up or down based on safety and ability

Parents Please Note:

It is your responsibility to watch your children when they are not swimming.  The following rules MUST be followed:

  • Absolutely ANY touching or climbing of the handicap accessibility chair will result in immediate expulsion from the team.

  • Any children causing distraction of the coaches from the children in the pool will be asked to leave the pool deck area immediately.

  • Nobody is allowed in the wading pool, please keep your children well away from this area.  

  • Running on the deck is not allowed by children of any age.  

  • The noodles are off limits during swim practice.  

  • Children should not be hanging out by the bathrooms.  

  • No child should be left unattended at the pool for more than 10 minutes prior/following his or her swim practice.

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