Team Expectations


  • Attendance is not tracked, but regular attendance is encouraged

  • Every swimmer is welcomed at their age group practice as often as possible.

  • Every swimmer is encouraged to participate in at least one meet.

  • Parents should volunteer in every meet their child participates in.

Swimmer Conduct

  • Follow ALL of Westover pool's rule and lifeguard instructions

  • Be respectful to coaches and teammates by:

    • listening to and following instructions

    • arriving early to practice

    • putting best effort into every practice

    • encouraging and cheering others on

  • Practice good sportsmanship at practice and meets

Family Conduct

  • Volunteer weekly

  • Help your swimmer arrive early to practice

  • Follow all pool rules and lifeguard instructions

  • Focus on your swimmers enjoyment and improvement

  • Model good sportsmanship

  • Communicate concerns to the leadership team or adult coaches

Coaching Conduct

  • Follow the VSL Code of Conduct

  • Build, encourage, and inspire the swimmers

  • Prepare and run effective and well planned practice

  • Focus on the swimmer's personal improvements

  • Follow mandatory reporting and complete Child Abuse and Neglect training


​In the rare instance a problem arises with a participant's conduct coaches follow these steps:

  1. Give a verbal warning

  2. Sit out part of practice, guardian notified

  3. Dismissed from practice, guardian notified

  4. Miss the remaining practices before and the following meet

  5. Dismissed from team, no refund will be given