Volunteering is expected of all parents and is existential to our organization's existence. Parent are expected to volunteer weekly during the season.

There are multiple ways to fulfill your volunteer obligation!

  • MEET VOLUNTEERS – Every family should volunteer to help Tuesday meets run successfully. Minimal training is required and many task can be done with small children.

  • VSL STROKE and TURN JUDGE - Meets cannot happen without Stroke and Turn Judges. If you have any swim experience, including just years year of cheering on the deck please certify to be a stroke and turn judge!

  • LEADERSHIP TEAM – Helps make Westover Waves happen! Typically 10 - 20 hours spread out over the year.

Meet Volunteers 

Volunteer Meet Sign Up

All parents are expected to volunteer weekly during the season. Each meets requires 25-30 parent volunteers to run. Additionally there are opportunities to volunteer outside of swim meets and at your schedule.

Specific tasks are outlined below. Take note of difficulty level (most are beginner) and which are suitable if you have young children.

Sign-up online to volunteer for each meet. Go to EVENT SCHEDULE at the top of this page, select which meet & click "Job Sign-up." This is the same way you enter a swimmer, except you click "Edit Commitment."

All Meets:

  • Timer (12- 6 for each half) (HEAD: Paige Vass) Beginner position. Record times for one lane of swimmers using your own phone. (Download the Meet Central app). Attend briefing at 5:40 (prior to meet), and work ½ of meet. See every start & finish up close.

  • Clerk of Course (4- 2 each half) (HEAD: TBA) Beginner position, can be done with small children. Organize swimmers into lanes in the clerk of course area. On the job training and work ½ of the meet.

  • Stroke and Turn Judges (4- 2 for each half) (HEAD: Sarah Whitley) Requires prior training. Watch each event to ensure legal strokes and turns by swimmers. Attend briefing at 5:40 (prior to meet), and work ½ of meet. The best seat at every meet.​

Home Meets Only:

  • Set Up (2- 5:00 - 6:00 PM) Beginner position. Especially good for parents in 8 and under group and can be done with small children. Set up pool deck, chairs, lane numbers, clerk of course area, starter/scoring tent & equipment. Please arrive no later than 5:00 PM.

  • Clean Up (4- 9:30 - 10:00 PM) Beginner position. Best for parents of kids swimming late events. Can be done with small children. Clean up and put equipment away after the meet. Ensure pool deck is left tidy. Recruit friends and strangers to help as pool closes at 10.

  • Relay and Sweeps (2 for each half) Intermediate position. One person during relays (events 1-7 during first half, and events 52,53, 60-62) to confirm legal take-offs of all relays. One person to identify finishing order of all races.​

Not During Meets:

  • Ribbons (3 each week Wed 6:30-7:30 PM) Beginner position. Can be done with small children and during your swimmer's practice. Place labels on ribbons and sort into folders during next day's PM practice.

  • Fundraising (4 for season) Beginner position. Can be done with small children and at your schedule. Recruit local businesses as sponsors for next year, coordinate restaurant nights and the Belk fundraiser, and lead other fundraising ideas you wish to pursue.

  • Yard Signs (2 for season) Beginner position. Can be done with small children and at your schedule. Starting mid June, collect the 11 yard signs from schools and parks, wash and inventory them and return them to team manager for storage. Also need volunteers to place yard signs next April.

  • National Anthem (1 for season) Beginner position. Can be done with small children. Recruit and prepare swimmer(s) to perform National Anthem at 2 home meets and Champs. Arrive at home meet by 5:30 PM to respectfully display flag, prepare performance, and respectfully put flag away. Works with starter to ensure everyone is ready to perform at 5:55.

  • Mending Shed Roof (2 for season) Beginner positions. Can be done at your schedule. Replace moldy plywood, and repair shingles and trim in the Westover Wave shed at Westover Pool. Material will be donated.​

VSL Stroke & Turn Certification

We rely on parent volunteers to serve as Stroke & Turn judges. 


  • Become certified any one of several ways outlined below.

  • Shadow a veteran parent at a meet to learn some of the nuances of the task.

  • Sign-up to serve for one half of one meet at a time.

  • Learn as you go.

All VSL Stroke & Turn judges must be certified by attending one of two VSL clinics: TBA 2022

In addition to parent volunteers, meet directors & at least one adult coach from each team is required to attend one of the clinics.

There are two exemptions to participation in a clinic: 

If an S&T official worked at least two meets last year, they may re-certify at online via www.strokeandturn.com, which costs $25. If you plan to do this, please alert VSL Referee Beth Arnold. Also, please click VALLEY SWIM LEAGUE under League for a copy of the results to be sent to the VSL.

Existing USA Swimming, or YMCA certification. If you are USA Swimming, or YMCA certified, please alert VSL Referee Beth Arnold.

VHSL certification does NOT qualify for VSL certification.

Here is the link to the 2017 USA Swimming Rulebook: https://www.usaswimming.org/docs/default-source/rules-regulations/2017-rulebook.pdf.

For more information, please contact the Westover Waves head of Stroke & Turn Judges

Leadership Team

The Westover Waves are not-for-profit, community organization. Your Leadership Team includes coaches & parent volunteers who serve in either Administrative, or Meet Management roles. All of us are in theses positions to make a positive impact on our children's development.

Following is the leadership team working for 2022 summer season. As you can see we have many openings that need to be filled for the season to happen. Please contact us [email protected] to help.



  • Head Coach: Chad Gusler 

  • Assistant Coaches: Amelie Sheppard, Ciara Hampton, Bronwyn Keating, Mindy Schwartz


  • Team Manager/Communications:  J.R. Snow and Stacie Mayfield

  • Treasurer: Julian Alleyne 

  • Westover Pool: A.J. Morris, Aquatics Director

  • 2022 VSL Representatives: Open & Kira Newman

  • Publicity & Promotions: J.R. Snow

  • Recognition/Celebration Coordinator: Open

  • Sponsorships: Open


Meet Director: Kira Newman

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Open

  • Scorekeeper: Cindi Sandridge 

  • Starters: JR Snow & Open

  • Head Timers:  Open & Paige Vass

  • Stroke & Turn: Open & Sarah Whitley

  • Clerk of Course: Open & Amy Graham

Please contact us if you are interested in be part of the leadership team at [email protected].