dated may 29th 2020
Hello GHCKRT families - 
I am happy to report that after much hard work on our board’s part, the team is moving forward with opening up with a phased approach that will mirror the state’s guidance on re-opening.  During phase 1, we will be opening with private lessons.  This is a trial, and we will be continually monitoring and evaluating how its going.  I need your help to make sure we are successful.  I am aware that there are a wide range of opinions on COVID and the response, but our non profit is bound by rules that are not always in our control.  I appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work to serve athletes.  
Here are the key points:
-During week 1, we are opening up to group 1 and 2.  We will be meeting with parents of group 3 and masters on Thursday of next week to figure out how we can get all groups on the water.  There will still be Zoom workouts on MWF in the evening that we want all athletes to attend.
-Prior to signing up for lessons, each parent needs to review educational information under the COVID Tab on our team website and sign acknowledgment that you have read, understand and agree to follow policy along with signing a waiver.  The link to that is under the COVID tab on our website. (note that you must be logged in) From the waiver you will be redirected to the private lesson schedule.  
-Each athlete will be able to schedule 2 lessons.  Athletes are requested to sign up with their normal coach(Aaron for gr1, Alan, alyson, Kyle for group 2).  The link for the private lesson schedule is also on the website under the covid tab, though be sure you have completed the waiver first.  
On lesson day-
-Must self screen and report symptoms and cancel with symptoms.  Cancel and notify coach if does not pass screening.  
Must stick to schedule by arriving 10 min early for your 45 minute lessons.  Get boat and go to water. No changing, waiting or congregating. 
Must use own equipment or assigned team equipment(see Coach Alyson if you are not sure). We are not sharing equipment.  
Must use sanitizer often.
Must wear mask on land and on water within 10 meters of dock. 
We are providing masks. 
Will meet coach out on water.  Athletes already on water do not go into dock until next athlete comes out.  
Cannot linger in park before or after.  
Exclusion from practice if cannot follow policy.

Aaron C. Huston
Gig Harbor Canoe & Kayak Racing Team
[email protected]