Hi all - updates for week 2 - from the meeting.  
1) week 1 went very well.  Appreciate all athletes and parents sticking to schedule and helping to make it successful.  I know I speak for all the coaches when I say that it was so awesome to see the kids.   We missed them very much.  
2) Good news - we are in phase 2, AND the state has said that we can have 5 kids per group.  
3) We have made a new schedule for next week where we put kids in groups with other athletes of like speed, type, age etc.  We feel these are the ideal groups to coach with.  Then we plugged all the groups into slots on the schedule.  We tried to make sure that all athletes had 4-5 times on the water, but really our goal is for each kid to get at least 3 practices.  We recognize that the complexity of making a schedule fit for everyone every day is impossible, but we hope that we have achieved enough to get all kids on the water 3 times.  Please email Alyson if there is a major problem and we appreciate your help and flexibility as we try our best to make this work.   The schedule for week 2 is on a tab in the same google sheet as the first week schedule.  
4) All athletes self screen with parent help at home every day that they are to come to practice.  We are in the stage now where staying home if you are sick, washing hands and wearing a mask while in the park helps protect our teammates.  Thanks for helping! 
5) if your athletes uses a team owned boat - you can check the schedule where a boat has been assigned to them.  Their name or some sort of identifier will be on the boat for them to use.  
6) each kid gets a mask and a buff - they can pick up theirs in a brown paper bag in the trailer.  Please do not leave masks around as we won’t be able to tell who they belong to.  
7) I expect the schedule to be similar to this for the next 2 weeks and then we may make changes to allow morning practices etc.  
8) Be sure to get both the waiver and policy attestation signed.  If you see a highlighted name on the schedule or receive an email from Jessie - that means there is a problem.  
Thanks - Aaron