I often hear the question - "How do I move my boat?".   

The easy answer is that you can strap it to the top of your car.  some people just use a cheap foam barrier between the roof and the boat.  Others strap it to whatever factory rack or thule/yakima rack you have.  You need to be very careful with this.  Strapping a boat that is made of carbon and fiberglass(expensive) and that is designed to remain as stiff as possible over time for racing is risky.  I got some comments on the racks I use, which are made by goodboy paddlesports on the East Coast.  Essentially, an aluminum bar attaches to your car rack and then you plug in removeable."V-bar" ends when you want to move your boat.  The ends come off so your car is not affected, and they come in different widths for a competition sprint boat vs a surfski or training boat.  I highly recommend them for a couple reasons -  

1) they make boat loading fast.  you use bungees and one safety strap and you are done in seconds as opposed to traditional strapping.  

2) they are very safe.  your boat will not be damaged and sits snugly but will not get scratched.  

3) the guy sends you everything you need in the kit.  the bars, bungees, and even a resusable red flag to hang off end of boat(legally required)  


If you spent alot of money on your boat, its worth it to get a case and these racks.  As an additional plus, you can then travel to events and take your boats (some events the team does not take a trailer to).   I like the older athletes to get two - so they can go paddle with a family member or friend.   

Here is the website.  if we get at least a few orders then shipping is free.  If you want to check out the bars - they are on my truck, and also Chauncey Bevin has one on his car you can look at.    To be clear - I recommend the "classic Vbar with removable ends".