GHCKRT on a Page


Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Alyson Morse

Founding Coach: Alan Anderson

Development Team Coach:  Sadie Hanks

Assistant Coach: Payton Chiou

Assistant Coach:  Kyle Field

Assistant Coach: Tod Cole

Assistant Coach: Andy Michels

Coach Intern: Frankie Kelley

Training Location

Skansie Park 

Training Season

Approx: October 4th – September 25th

Monthly Fees

Group 1 -Coach Alyson Morse and Coach Payton Chiou: $180/month.  Practice on water 4-8x/week.  Gym sessions 3-5x/week.  

Group 2 - Coach Sadie Hanks and Coach Kyle Field : $160/month year round. Practice on water 4x/week.  Gym sessions 2x/week by coach invitation.

Group 3 -  Coach Sadie Hanks and Coach Alan Anderson: $140/month year round. Practice on water 3x/week.

Masters Program: Coach Tod Cole: $65/month.  Adult program.  Meets 2-3x/week. 

Para athlete Program: Coach : $65/month.  Meets 2-3x/week

Commitment Requirement:  Athletes/families must commit to a minimum of 3 months with GHCKRT.  


National Governing Organization Registration

All members of GHCKRT must obtain and maintain a current American Canoe Association (ACA) competition membership independently and provide a copy of proof of membership.  The ACA is the national governing body for US Sprint Canoe and Kayak.


The team provides boats and paddles for new athletes.  Athletes are encouraged to purchase a paddle(coach will provide details on model) as soon as they are able and then consider a boat once they have reached the ability to balance a racing boat, with coach input (see equipment tab).  Athletes 12 and under are required to wear a PFD at all times on the water.  All athletes are required to wear a PFD from Oct 1st - Apr 1st.  

Regatta Fees

The era of COVID-19 makes the regatta season uncertain.  The average athlete will attend between 4-6 regattas.  Local regattas will cost about $40-90 for boat transport and race entries.  Attendance at the National Championships is highly encouraged for Groups 1 and 2, and those fees are set each year at the time of the event but usually range 300-400$.  The location of Nationals rotates every year between the East Coast, West Coast and Central US. 

Family Commitment/Requirements

Fundraising -- The team actively fundraises for capital purchases(boats, chase boats etc) and large events. All families are expected to participate. 

Volunteer hours -- The club is run by volunteers.  All families are expected to participate.