We are hoping for a more normal summer this year! Please reach out with any questions or concerns and be on the lookout for information updates.


Parent Coordinators – contact us if you have questions about swim team.

Patty Pearson (she/her) team co-coordinator                                      [email protected]

Jen Crisera (she/her)  team co-coordinator                                          [email protected]

Coaching Staff   Our AMAZING head coach is Brennon Ham (they/he/she), with Lead Coaches Chloe Fung (she/her) and Emma Fasullo (she/her).  We also have Assistant Coaches Anders Pearson (he/him) and Welela Solomon (she/her).  All coaches may be contacted at: [email protected]  

How To Links - Lakeridge Swim Team - Google Drive (How to Volunteer, How to Keep Track of Events, How Do Meets Work, How to Sign Up for Meets)

Questions and Comments and Concerns - Please feel free to talk to the coaches and team reps about all things swim team.​

Facebook Page - If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Including our Facebook swim team page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/lakeridgeswimteam/