Lakeridge Swim Team 2021 - 

Notes from Team Parent Meeting June 13, 2021 7 pm via Zoom


  • We have tons of new swimmers this year – over 40 new to swim team kids and in every age group!


  • We are already Four Weeks into practice!
  • Coaches and Swimmers are now experts at the covid protocols for practice.
  • We will continue covid protocols as long as required by state and local rules and guidance.
  • We will likely be able to have more normal practices for older kids as state and local restrictions lift.
  • We will continue to use Sign Up Genius for practices as long as we need to manage covid protocols.
  • Morning practice Sign Up Genius will be available soon.
  • We anticipate every swimmer may attend 3 LANE practices per week. 
  • Morning practices will run Monday through Saturday, but NO DRYLAND/DIVETANK ON SATURDAYS.

Mock Meet

  • Thursday, June 24.
  • Divided between 10 & Under as a first session and 11 & over as a second session.
  • Timing is still TBD, but all of it will occur after 4:30 pm.
  • New swimmers should come to the Mock Meet to have a race experience.
  • Sign up on Team Unify.
  • We will need volunteers, sign up to volunteer on Team Unify

Swim Meets

  • Sign up your swimmers on Team Unify.
  • Please sign up at least 48 hours before the meet and if you have to cancel within 48 hours of the meet, notify coaches directly.
  • We will have Dolphin Wrangler volunteers for our younger swimmers at all swim meets.  We can have a 1:1 ratio for Dolphin Wrangler volunteers to swimmers, depending on pool space, so this is a great opportunity for parents to watch the races.
  • No spectators at any meets as of right now.   If any pool allows spectators, they must allow the same number of spectators from both teams.
  • We always need volunteers for meets and this year it will just look a little different – volunteers should sign up on Team Unify.
  • We always need timers for meets and it is a great way to see the races up close. 
  • We are in need of new judges and computer operators.  Judges can train at the Mock Meet.  Judging is an especially easy role to fill for someone who swam competitively and/or who is otherwise involved in competitive swimming as a parent/guardian.
  • We will have 4 dual meets this summer, each spread out during Tuesday and Thursday of the same week.  10&Unders race on Tuesdays and 11 & Overs race on Thursdays.

Post Season

  • In a normal year, we have 7 dual meets as part of the regular season and then Post-Season, which is comprised of B CHAMPS, Girls Prelims, Boys Prelims, Southern Division Championship and All City.  All City is always on the First Tuesday in August, Southerns is always the prior Thursday, Girls and Boys Prelims are always the Monday and Tuesday prior to Southerns, and B Champs is always the Thursday or Friday prior to Girls and Boys Prelims.
  • This year we will have 4 dual meets, and our Post Season will be comprised of the following: 12&Under Girls Prelims, 12&Under Boys Prelims, 13&Over Girls Prelims, 13& Over Boys Prelims and All City.  There will be NO B Champs Meet, or Southern Division.  All City will be on August 3rd.   The Prelims will be on separate days, Monday through Thursday of the prior week (July 26-29)



  • We will continue to follow all rules and guidance from the state and local government about covid protocols. 
  • We may be able to run more normal practices for the 13&Over swimmers soon if the state lifts restrictions.
  • We asked for parent feedback about comfort level with running practice with a normal structure for younger, unvaccinated kids, with the understanding that we will follow all rules and guidance from the state and local government.  


  • In Normal times we match up older swimmers with little swimmers as Big Buddies and Little Buddies.  One parent suggested we have Buddy Families this year, since our usual Buddy set up is hard to run with Covid and because we have so many new families.



We are excited that swim team will be a little more normal this summer - see information for practice schedule and swim meets and look for more updates soon!




Lakeridge Swim Team 2019 - Fast Facts


  • Season Overview
    • Our Coaches:
      • Darla Long
      • Brennon Ham
      • Tim Wetzel
      • Sadie McCann
    • Coaching Philosophy: balance between social skills and swim skills
    • Practice expectations: come as often as possible, 4 times a week is ideal, communicate with coaches if your swimmer will have an extended absence.
    • How, when and who to contact with questions: Coaches tab on Team Unify (TU) has emails; before & after practice when they are not responsible for swimmers.  And parent reps, any time!
    • Stroke & turn clinics will be held a few times this season - will get information out on the bulletin board, TU e-mails, and Facebook (FB)
  • Meets
    • Speedy 6ers – do not travel to away meets (4 home meets, plus Speedy 6ers Southern Division meet); swim for personal time improvements
    • Themes for each home meet – captains decide and advertise beforehand
    • Buddies - Bigs help Littles (8&U swimmers) at each meet over the season.
    • Regular Season meets: 7 total; 4 home meets; 3 away meets this summer; post on FB or bulletin board for carpools
    • BYE Week:  No meets the week of July 1st, but practices as usual
    • B Champs – Another chance for kids to try and make prelims or just celebrate the end of the season with a final meet!
    • Post-Season meets: Boys & Girls Prelims, Southern and All City For swimmers who have made prelim qualifying times at regular meets or B-Champs; must be able to commit to all post-season meets
    • Qualifying Times for post-season are posted on TU, FB and bulletin board..
    • How to write events on swimmers’ arms: E = Event , H = Heat, L = Lane #
    • Swimmers sit together to build team spirit and cheer each other on, and it makes it easier for coaches and buddies to find swimmers


  • Special Events at Lakeridge
    • Optional Clinics on June 8th and 9th with coaches, sign up on TU ($15/kid)
    • Mock Meet & Team Potluck on June 15th (9:00 AM start; swimmers arrive at 8:15 AM for warm-ups at 8:30 AM)
    • Picture Day and Pancake Breakfast on July 17th, info posted on TU and FB
    • Boys Prelims on July 30th, we are hosting and need lots of volunteers!
    • Swim Team Banquet on August 7th, 6-9 PM: need volunteers for a slideshow and to help organize.  Best night of the year!



  • Team Unify:  
    • Registration – going well, lots of swimmers! Andrea Fasullo is our outgoing volunteer running registration & line-ups (with coaches)
    • Meet Sign-Ups: Done on TU, please commit/decline 24+ hours before meet (you can make notes to the coaches about swimmers’ preferred events here)
    • Job SignUp – we need all families to sign up for volunteer work; sign up on TU.  We promise you will have fun and still get to see the swims!!
    • Buy swim caps at the pool office (required for meets).


  • Volunteer Opportunities – Sign Up Online at TU for Home Meets
    • We need up to 70 Volunteers per meet – 2 shifts – please sign up on TU!
    • Jobs Include:
      • 2 timers per lane – sign-ups online (no training, front row for races!)
      • Stroke and Turn Judges (training available)
      • Runners – 2 per meet (two shifts)
      • Ribbons (at home meets, and day after all meets)
      • Concessions –help Aaron during the meet
      • Famous Lakeridge Noodles – need volunteers for home meets (5 total)
      • Concessions Prep – slice and dice at home prior to meet
      • Set Up & Clean Up
      • Computer – need one more person to cross-train/job share
      • Meet photographers!  Sign up to take pictures during the meet


  • Resources
    • Team Unify - Sign-ups for all meets & volunteer shifts, general information,
    • Swim Team bulletin board
    • Team Facebook page - A closed page with lots of info and a resource for carpooling -
    • Buddies – Coaches will assign 8&U swimmers with veteran swimmers – list will be out by our Mock Meet
    • Coaches & Coordinators: Patty or Jen for general information/assistance; Andrea for team registration; head coaches for meet sign-ups/special requests (put note in TU when you RSVP for the meet).


  • Safety Reminder
    • Please make sure your swimmer has necessary medications at all practices and meets, and pertinent medical information is on file with coaches. J





Patty Pearson, parent rep/team co-coordinator, [email protected], 206-979-4191

Jen Crisera, parent rep/team co-coordinator, [email protected], 206-849-5530

Andrea Fasullo, registrar & (outgoing!) computer coordinator, [email protected]