Welcome To PLC Swim Team


Phantom Lake Club (PLC) Swim Team is a summer league swimming team sponsored by the Phantom Lake Bath and Tennis Club in Bellevue. Swim Team is open to all members, there are no tryouts and all are welcome regardless of experience and ability. The team competes in the Midlakes Swim League, which consists of 26 teams and includes leagues for Diving and Water Polo. Phantom Lake swim team offers high quality, professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. Fun is our #1 goal! We strive to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor.  We are proud of our swim team program and of the recognition and reputation earned by our kids, coaching staff and hard working parents. 



Swim Team Should Be Fun For All Kids - Kids have many different reasons for joining swim team. Some join for the social experience or to stay fit, others want to break records. Please allow your child to set their own goals and discuss them with the coaches so together they can work to achieve success. The most important thing is that your child enjoys their involvement with the team.


Membership - Membership at Phantom Lake Club is required for all those interested in the swim team. Club Membership Fees are $675 for Families and $405 for Individuals. There is a $450 fee to buy a member certificate, which is only needed on the first year. There is an aditional cost to register on each team as follows:

  • Swim team: $180 per swimmer
  • ​Dive team:  $150 per diver

Registration is open all summer long and kids may join the team at any time they choose.


Mini-Phantoms - We are offering a special program for 6 year olds and under who want to be part of the swim team. They will learn the basics of competitive swimming in a fun based pre-competitive practice. They will get the benefits of being part of the team, and receive age-appropriate instruction. Mini-Phantoms will practice Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 for 30 minutes and will be part of the “Buddy Practice” on Fridays at 9:30. Mini-Phantoms will have the opportunity to swim in our meets.  These guys are the darlings of the team and always receive the loudest cheers! Practices for Mini-Phantoms will begin May 28 and fees for Mini-Phantoms will be $75. Members will be invited to many team activities. Mini-Phantoms members are also invited to be part of the Diving Team in a similar program.

6 year olds and under may be considered for full swim team on a case by case basis as determined by a swim test conducted by one of our coaches. If they become members of the regular swim team, they pay the full swim team fee.