Frequently Asked Questions

How do I commit my swimmer for a meet/time trials?  The swim team uses Team Unify to manage website communications. Once you have successfully registered for the team, you will be sent a user id and password for PLC's Team Unify site. This site is our only means of communication, and, most importantly, this is how you sign up to volunteer and commit your swimmer for meets. Please be sure to use this website to commit/not commit your swimmers for each and every meet.  Also, please use this site to sign up for the many volunteer slots required for each meet.  On the Team Unify site, click “Events” and “Job Signup” for job sign up and declaration. You must login to gain access for signing up!

What are time trials?  Time Trials are like a scrimmage.  They are run like a regular swim meet, but we race against our own team mates. The coaches use the times for each of the swimmers to determine where to line them up (called "seeding") when we race against other teams.  For example, if Coco swims her 20 yd freestyle in 30 seconds, she would swim against other kids with a similar time at the swim meets. Other kids may swim 25 sec or 45 sec.  It’s for grouping the swimmer and determining relay teams.  The kids will swim all four strokes - Freestyle, Breast, Backstroke and Butterfly. Remember the main purpose of this meet is to assess your current level so the coaches can learn what we need to work on, and help you set personal goals for the season. Time Trials is also a good time for the parents to get ready for hosting Home Swim Meets, so please volunteer to help out.

I can't login to my account.  Please note that each Family has one Login Email for their account.  Other emails can be added to the account to receive notifications, but only one email can be used to login to the Team Unify (TU) system.  Please click the "Contact Us" button on the right or contact the Parent Reps and they can resend your login directions.

I would like to commit my swimmer (and signup for meet jobs) for the next couple of weeks.  We only send the signups and commitments out the week before the meet.  In the past, people have forgotten that they signed up for a job or committed their swimmer, only to have their plans change and then the relay team is missing a person.  We’ll make sure the signups are sent out 7-10 days before the event. If you know you will be on vacation and unable to commit your swimmer, PLEASE contact Head Coach Gillian or a Parent Representative.