Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Scorekeepers/timers.   Keep score using the electronic scoreboard and the paper scorebook to record goals, fouls, and exclusions.  It’s not hard to learn, and usually done in teams of 2.   If you’re interested, come and sit at the table with us for a game and you will have the hang of it in no time.  This is a great job for teens with some water polo experience.
  • PLC hosted games for 12 and Unders:  Game setup/clean up on Thursday mornings at Phantom Lake.  Help coaches with table, umbrella, extension cord for scorekeeper’s table. 

If you can help with any of these volunteer needs, please let us know.  Thanks for all your help, parents!   It's going to be a great season!


Christy Hanson, Chrissy Kulinski, and Cindy Apostle

Questions?  Send an email to [email protected]