Overview of 2023 Management Committee

Team Director(s): Oversees all aspects of swim team; schedules and holds regular management committee meetings; oversees hiring of coaches; schedules meets and social activities; sits on Dewing Park’s pool board.

Obligations Coordinator: Organizes on-line jobs registration; evaluates staffing needs and fills jobs for upcoming season; develops protocol for filling “big jobs” and “pre-assigned jobs”; oversees various subcommittees relating to position. 

Social Coordinator: With assistance of relevant subcommittees, coordinates all social and spirit aspects of the team, including socials and parties; promotes team spirit; oversees various subcommittees relating to position.

Conference Representative(s): Represents Dewing Park on the WCSC board; attends WCSC meetings and undertakes jobs assigned to team for Conference meet; oversees various subcommittees relating to position. 

Desk Manager: Oversees all aspects of the desk, including maintaining Hy-Tek database; inputs data relating to meets and times; produces reports (including those used to award ribbons and stars); oversees various subcommittees relating to position. 

Treasurer: Develops and oversees budget for team; tracks profits and losses; reimburses members for team expenditures.

Hiring Chair/Coach Liaison: Heads hiring committee for recruiting, interviewing and hiring coaches; evaluates coaches at end of season; serves as liaison between parents and coaches during season.

Membership Coordinator: Advertises and communicates information about the swim team to potential members and current members (including the Blue Book and working on the Newsletter with the Directors); works with new members to help ensure a smooth transition onto the team; oversees any events/subcommittees related to new member welcome. 

Fundraising Coordinator: Oversees all aspects of fundraising for swim team.

Overview of 2023 Pre Assigned Jobs 

These jobs do not allow for substitutions and still may require a committee and/or conference job depending on final registration numbers.

Desk:  Computer Input at Home Meets under the guidance of Desk Manager. 

Meet Set-Up/Clean-Up Crew: Handles set up and clean up for all home meets, including time trials and invitational meet; work can be divided among families (e.g., two people for set up and two people for clean up); requires arrival at pool approximately 1 ½ hours before meet begins and cleaning up at pool for approximately 45 minutes after meet ends.

Stroke & Turn: Works as stroke and turn judge at home and away swim meets.  Must work one full day of City and Conference. 

Shepherd: Checks in 8 & under swimmers at beginning of meets and helps ensure swimmers are properly lined up at race time. Both for home and away meets, but not for City or Conference invitationals.

Ribbons: Purchases and distributes ribbons for the team.  Makes all family folders. Coordinates with Desk for Time Improvements to label and distribute TI ribbons. Oversees Ribbons Workers/Worker Coordination at meets. 

Photographer: Takes photos throughout the season of all swimmers at meets and swim team events. Makes those photos available to the team members.

Starter/announcer: Starts the races at home meets; announces events.

Meet Director: work at 7/8 meets during the season to check-in Dewing workers and find on-deck subs when needed.  

Snack Shack: oversees and coordinates the sale of food items at the home swim meets.  

Overview of 2023 Regular Meet Jobs

Timer/Recorder: Sits at the end of the pool and times or records all the races. Timing Devices are provided by the pool. 


Relief: Checks in with the DPST timers and recorders throughout the meet and provides a short break/relief for the timer or recorder to use the facilities or grab food/drink.


Ribbons: Is typically set up at a table near the pool and takes labels (provided by Desk) with the printed award info and affixes it to the appropriate ribbon. The ribbons are then filed alphabetically by last name into the family folders (at home meets) or into the away meet file box and the file box is brought back to DPST/given to our Ribbons Coordinator.


Head Timer: Sits next to the pool with back-up manual stopwatches for each race. Timing devices are provided by the pool. (Home Meets Only)


Greeter/Facilities Management: Must arrive early (7:30 AM for Saturday morning meets and 3:30 PM for Wednesday evening meets) to assist with parking (ensure parking is occurring in legal spaces and that the team director/desk/snack shack spaces are only used by the designated people), greet visitors at the gate and ensure that our team facility rules are being followed. This parking lot duty occurs twice during the meet, before each wave of swimmers. During the meet, they will check the restroom facilities approximately every 30 minutes to ensure there is enough soap, toilet paper, paper towels,and sanitizer available. Will also change out all garbage bags as needed around the pool area and restroom. Disposable gloves will be provided. (Home Meets Only)

Snack Shack: Facilitates sales of food items under the guidance of our head of Snack Shack utilizing the team Square account and acting as cashier. (Home Meets Only)

Runner: Collects the recorder sheets with the written times at the end of each event from the Timer/Recorders and delivers to the Desk. Periodically checks in with the Stroke and Turn to collect DQ slips to deliver to the Desk. May be asked to post results to the bulletin board or walk the labels over the Ribbons table. (Home Meets Only)

Coach Hospitality: Coordinates food for the coaches at City and Conference. This includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and plenty of water/gatorade in coolers. This often involves leaving the meet to pick up an order. Please coordinate with Obligations and Coach Liasion regarding budget, preferences/allergies, and some logistics. (Big Meets Only)