Job Sign-Ups for the 2022 Swim Season: Date TBD 

Please check back later after registration has closed. Your family account will also receive an email with detailed instructions before job sign-ups occur. 

Here are instructions to print a list of your assigned jobs for the season:

1.  Click the More link at the bottom right of the screen, under Events (not under Swim Team News) after you've signed on.

2.  Click the Reports tab near the center of the screen, above the list of events, but under the blue menu bar.

3.  Click the Job Signup Report for my Account link.

4.  Choose the current date through 8/4/2022.

5.  Click Print Now in the upper left hand corner.

You will be sent a reminder email notification a day or so prior to the event for which you are assigned a job.  When you receive that reminder, please notify the respective Meet Director, if you will have a sub taking your job, and include that sub's contact number for the day of the meet.  You or your sub will be required to check in for your job with one of our Meet Directors at an assigned time prior to the start of a meet.  
If you have any questions about jobs, please contact 
Sarah Talach ([email protected]