About Dewing Park Swim Team

Dewing Park Swim Team is over 50 years old.  It has a great tradition of success both in and out of the water.  Friendships develop and life-long memories form on the pool deck.  We’re a community of diverse families with the common goal of creating a nurturing and safe environment for our children.  The strength of the team lies in our Seahorse spirit.  We are so happy you have chosen to join the team and partake in this great experience!
Dewing Park is part of the Walnut Creek Swim Conference (WCSC).  The other pools in our conference are:  Indian Valley, Larkey, Rudgear Estates, Woodlands, Walnut Creek Swim Club, and Walnut Heights.  We swim each of these pools in one dual meet over the course of the summer.  We also swim non-conference pools during the season. The season culminates with the exciting WCSC Championship Meet, which is always a highlight of the year! 

Any Dewing Park Pool Member who is under the age of 19 and can swim 25 yards of unassisted freestyle may be a swim team member.  The Sea Ponies is a great option for children who are not yet ready for the full swim team experience.  Although Dewing Park Pool requires that families join the pool in order to be on swim team, new families may choose to pay a Splash fee or rent a pool membership for a season to try out the team and/or the pool. Thereafter, they must buy a pool membership to continue on the team.  Please see the
Dewing Park Swim Club page for more information on pool membership options.