Swim Team FAQ’s

Who can join swim team?
Any child who can swim a lap of freestyle unassisted is eligible for swim team.

Do you have to be a member of the pool?
Yes, you must be a pool member to join swim team. The costs for pool membership are separate from swim team fees. However, your first year on swim team you may pay a splash fee to the pool, but would only be able to participate in swim team events. The next year you could rent a membership and subsequent to that year you would be required to officially join the pool. Swim Club 

What does it cost?
Swim team is $300 for your first swimmer and second swimmer and so on. A pool membership costs $525 to buy in (one time only) and has annual dues of $675 plus $150 maintenance fee, which may be refunded after 4 hrs of volunteer work to the pool (not to be confused with swim team volunteer hours). As mentioned above you may pay a $125 splash fee for your first year only. Your second year you could rent a membership for a cost of $775 and that too is for one year only. After that if you wished to continue on swim team you would need to buy in and become a full member. There are also annual fundraising commitments that each swimmer is asked to participate in  For the 2022 season, there is a minimum $50 donation to our swim-a-thon.

What if my child doesn’t know all the strokes?
Many of our first time swim team members don’t know all the strokes. Our coaches go over the techniques for each stroke and will teach your child all the strokes throughout the season.

How long is the swim season?
The season begins in April and ends the first weekend in August (County Swim Meet). Some seasons there are spring clinic and fall clinics that are optional and have an additional fees.  See Swim Team Tab for additional information regarding clinics.

How often do you practice?
Practice is every day Monday through Friday and practice times for the various age groups can be found on the website under Swim Team Tab, Practice Schedule.

How often do you have meets?
Every Wednesday night and Saturday morning. We have two big meets a year, City Meet and Conference Meet and those are each two days long.

What are the parent volunteer requirements?
Dewing Park Swim Team is run entirely by parent volunteers. Each family is required to work swim meet jobs (timing, set up/clean up, etc.), a committee job (age group socials, pasta feeds), and a shift at the conference meet.  Each year the number of jobs required by a family changes based on the number of swimmers/families enrolled in that particular year.

What kind of equipment does my child need?
Each child is encouraged to buy a team suit and cap, which can be ordered at the beginning of the season. Typically the team changes suits every two years. The team suit is not mandatory, however we strongly encourage each child to purchase one. They will need suits to practice in, goggles and caps. Some years, coaches may encourage fins and, for our older swimmers, paddles. All of the required equipment can be purchased at Sports Basement or online.

What kind of social events are there?
There are several different social events over the course of the season. Every age group has their own social event. The kids might go bowling, to the beach, or have an afternoon of food and fun with their coaches. We also have pasta feeds before city meet and conference meet. There are many opportunities for the kids and parents to bond and have fun. For additional details on Socials, see the Meet/Social Calendar under swim team tab.

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Have questions about Swim Team? If you have a question, please contact our swim team directors:

Liz Fairclough and Elizabeth Gross