Swim Team Registration Dates & Fees 2022

Registration Opens: Tuesday, February 1st

$50 Late Registration Fee Applies: Monday, March 14th

Registration Closes for the Season: Thursday, March 31st

Dewing Park Seahorse Swim Team

    1st and 2nd Swimmers (ages 4-14):  $300

    3rd Swimmer: $270

    4th + Swimmer: $240

    All 15/18 Swimmers: $275 

All Swimmers have a $50 fundraising requirement for the Dew-a-thon. Swim team families who have a swimmer between the ages of 4 and 14 will have obligation (job) requirements to fulfill during the season. Obligation requirements are per family, not per swimmer. Please see our Obligations page for more information. 

Families of swimmers must be members of the Dewing Park Swim Club. There are several options for new families including a Splash Fee, Rental Membership, and Buy-in. Please visit the Dewing Park Swim Club page for more information on options and costs.    

Sea Pony Program

     Sea Pony Swimmer: $250 

Sea Pony Swim Families do not have obligations or fundraising requirements. They also do not have to join the Dewing Park Swim Club, but will not have use of the pool outside of Sea Pony practice and events.