What is Time Trials?

This swim meet is held at the beginning of the season prior to any swim meets. All IVST members swim in all individual events in order to obtain a beginning time in each stroke. The swimmers have a lane and heat assignment just as they would be at a regular meet. The starter starts the race and swimmers are timed in each lane. However, there is no opposing team present.

How is my child's swimming age group determined?

The group is determined by your child’s age as of June 15th of that season.

  Who is responsible for my children during workouts?

You, the parents, are responsible for your children at all times unless your child is nine then they are allowed to be dropped off for practice.   

Swimmers who are nine may come to practice without an adult, after practice is over, they must leave the pool area. If they are waiting for a sibling they must sit quietly, they are not allowed to talk to or distract the coaches during practice.

Remember, there is no lifeguard on duty. Your children should be there for workout only and then get out of the pool.


What should we bring to a meet?
Swimmers should wear their team swimsuit to all meets. Any suit can be worn to workouts. Everyone who has long hair must wear a cap. Sweats, parka and large towels are all helpful to have when the weather turns cool at practice or at a meet (and it will!). Swimmers may want to bring a sleeping bag to meets for staying warm and resting between events. Mark all items clearly with the swimmer’s name. Some children like pens and paper for drawing or a book for “quiet time” between events. Remember to take everything home with you. If you lose an item please check the lost and found area.


How long does a meet last?
A regular, dual meet lasts about four and a half hours. Invitational meets can be half or full day. The Walnut Creek City Meet, Walnut Creek Swim Conference Meet and County Meet are two-days meets that last all day.

  What distance will my child swim?

This depends upon the age group. The distances are:

6 & Under  25 yard events only (one lap)

7/8's      25 yards plus 100 yard IM events

9/10's    50 yards (two laps) plus 100 yard IM events

11/12's   50 yards plus 100 yard IM events

13/14's   50 yards plus 100 yard IM events

15-18's   100 yards all events


What is an 'IM'?
The 'IM' is the Individual Medley. This is when one swimmer swims four laps (one each of Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle in that order). It may be optional at Wednesday night meets. 6 & Unders do not swim the IM.

How do we know what our child will swim in a meet?

To make sure your child will swim at a meet, you will need to go online, sign in, click My Account and select the "Attend this Event" tab for each meet. Confirm with a "Yes" or "No" that your child will/will not swim.  Then click on the SAVE button.  If you are not confirmed (you haven't choosen Yes or No) - your child will not swim in the meet.

If you would like to request that your swimmer is entered in a specific event, please do so in the notes section of the online signup.  There is no longer a Request Binder at the pool.

The line-up lists will be posted on the IVST website (again, under My Account) for the Wednesday meets by Wednesday morning and for the Saturday meets by Friday midday. We will also post line-ups at all swim meets.