This year, we are pleased to offer an extended Guppy program this year, led by Coach Acacia!  Traditionally our Guppy program begins when school is out for summer.  This year, our guppy program will begin on April 18th and run through July 15th, Monday through Thursday.  This is an additional 6 weeks of swimming for our youngest swimmers!  Our Guppies will also have an opportunity to participate in our last home swim meet of the season on Wednesday, July 13th.  Help us spread the word about the Guppy program by telling your friends and neighbors who have young children!**

**13&up swimmers – if you are interested in helping with the Guppy program this year, please reach out! 

What is the difference between the Guppy Program and 6 & Unders on the swim team?

The Guppy Program is a pre swim team program that consists of lessons, Monday through Thursday, for beginner swimmers ages 4-7. Each week they will progress and learn new techniques, making them better and more confident first-time swimmers. On Wednesday, 7/15, the guppies will have an opportunity to participate in our Blue and Gold Regatta Meet.  During the meet, they will get to swim a lap of freestyle.



The 6 & Under age group is the youngest age group of the swim team. They practice daily and compete in swim meets.


New Swimmer Evaluation 



We will have an evaluation for new swimmers intending to be on swim team.  This will take place on the first day of pre-season practice. The purpose is to ensure that they are water-safe.  These swimmers will be required to get in and out of the water without assistance, get their face and head wet, and be able to swim half of a lap by themselves. If they are not comfortable swimming freestyle, it is ok if they dog paddle. This is for all kids new to swim team. Kids who are participating in the Guppy Program need not attend.

If you have additional questions about the Guppy program, please contact the IVST Director.