IVST Parent Work Schedule (PWS)

Welcome to all our new families and those who are returning to another season of swimming with Indian Valley. On Saturday, May 4th at 10:00AM we will open online job sign-ups for all registered swim families! 

NOTE: Your swimmer(s) must be registered and paid in full prior to signing-up for meet jobs.  

These volunteer meet jobs are needed in order for our swim meets, home and away, to take place. “Meet Jobs” include: Timers/Recorders, Runner, Ribbons, Snack-Shack Staff, Sorter, and Shepherds for 6&U and 7/8 swimmers. Detail descriptions of jobs and the substitute list are available on the website under the tab “Parent Jobs

Please read below to be prepared for Online PWS Sign Ups-

  • Your Snack Shack donation must be turned in on before 5/3 or you will not be able to sign up online! Check the website for snack shack details.
  • Online Sign-ups will be on a first-come, first-to-sign-up basis so plan ahead and be ready with your available dates before you go online to sign up.
  • 24 hours before the job sign up we will email the team to let you know how many meet jobs each family will be required to work.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t miss signups because after May 5 th, the PWS coordinators will automatically assign jobs to those families who DO NOT sign up for jobs online and it will be up to you to switch dates with another family or pay a substitute if you are not available for the dates you are assigned, and you must notify the PWS coordinators of any changes.
  • Meet jobs are a requirement of swim team. Failure to work your scheduled shift could lead to a penalty of $150/shift missed. Swimmer participation will be limited until penalty paid.


*Reminder: All Tier 3 Team Jobs are pre-assigned, these families Do Not participate in the online sign ups. For the families who signed up for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Team Job, they will work fewer meet jobs and we will post the amount for each Tier.

If you have any questions regarding the tier jobs please contact Melissa Brunton and Shannan Jones ([email protected]; [email protected]) 

**As always, changes by the PWS coordinators may have to be made after sign-ups to meet the team needs.  If we have to change a date/job, you will be notified.

**PWS does not include WC Swim Conference, all families with swimmers attending the meet are expected to work at Conference.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience with the online signup system,

PWS Coordinator