IVST depends heavily on the support of its member families, and we greatly appreciate your investment of time and energy. Our team could not operate without YOU!  

Our goals for the summer are simple
  • to have a fun & successful swim season
  • to expand the level of family participation
  • to increase our overall team unity and spirit
In an effort to share the workload of running IVST more equally, we are asking each family to work their standard swim meet jobs, as well as take on an additional responsibility to support our team.  Some team jobs are small, while others are more of a time commitment (with partial or full meet job credit).  The basis for this participation/job model is currently being used successfully by all swim teams in our Conference.


Below is an overview of the tiered IVST Team job responsibilities, followed by a thorough description of each job.  Most jobs are the same as last year, while others have changed a bit. You can choose to do a job on your own, or team up with another family when appropriate.

Please give of your time as generously as possible, and keep in mind that we are all volunteers, working on behalf of the team.  Together, our support will help to ensure that all IVST swimmers and families have a fun and rewarding swim team experience! 

Every IVST family will be asked to contribute to the team in one of three ways:

Tier 1    
Work the required # of swim meet jobs, plus take on one SMALL Team Job.
Tier 2
Work two less swim meet jobs, plus take on one MEDIUM Team Coordinator Job.   

Tier 3
Work no swim meet jobs, and instead, take on a LARGE Full Season Team Job.

**All families whose swimmers are participating in Conference
will be expected to work that meet.**
Standard operational meet jobs that need to be filled for every home and/or away meet throughout the season.  All families will work swim meet jobs, unless they are committed to a Tier 3/Full Season Team Job. Sign ups for swim meet jobs take place at the Parent Work Schedule (PWS) Sign Up Day which will be done on-line.

Snack Shack Worker

TIER  1 - SMALL TEAM JOB ( 1 Meet job Credit)
In addition to standard Swim Meet Jobs above, each family is required to take on a Team Job either on their own, or with another family (see 2018 Job Chart above for more info).       

8 & Under Tuck Ins (takes place Friday PM of Conference Week)      
With help from Volunteer Coordinators, map tuck in locations
(by neighborhood), group drivers & older swimmers, prepare treat bags
for delivery, communicate with head coach during planning phase.

Conference Week POW WOW & Pasta Feed (Thursday)           
With help from Volunteer Coordinators, Plan Pasta Feed dinner
assignments, post flyer, set up, clean up. Forward details to
board for posting on website.

End of Season Slide Show Helper (A/V + Set-Up/Take Down)      
(Monday afternoon and evening following Conference Meet)
With help from Awards Night Coordinator and slide
show producer, source all a/v equipment for awards
night (screen, projector, laptop, etc.), manage set-up and
take down.

Age Group Party                                       
With help from Volunteer Coordinators, schedule date for
party w/ coaches, post flyer, plan event (including drivers if
necessary), take photos for slide show.  Must be available on party
date (check calendar online).

TIER 2 - TEAM COORDINATOR JOB ( 2 meet job credits)
Some families will take on bigger, Coordinator level jobs, which will require a bit more time and attention throughout the pre-season/season.  May need to attend 1-2 meetings with members of the Board.

Awards Night Coordinators                               
With input and guidance from Board, plan awards night
event, including flyer, decorations, dinner (if applicable);
assist with trophies, swimmer bags, and trophy set-up as necessary.
Also responsible for clean-up following Awards Night -- must be available.

Coach Appreciation Coordinators                          
With input and guidance from Board, plan special ways
for swimmers & parents to show appreciation for
coaches (birthdays, special breakfast, cookie day,
     jamba juice day, movie tickets, other special treats, etc.), 
organized by age group.  Ideally, one family from upper age group
and one from lower age group for this job.     

Parent Dinner Coordinator                              
With input and guidance from Board, plan IVST Parent Dinner, catering, set up, clean up, etc.

Snack Shack Buyers                                    
With guidance from the Snack Shack Managers, buy all
food and beverage items for Snack Shack (from Costco and various
other bulk discount stores) for all home meets.  Deliver to IVST
Snack Shack one prior to meet date.

Snack Shack Grill Master                             

Work the Grill/BBQs for at least 3 Swim Meets/events. Clean BBQs before, after and during the season. Monitor Propane Tanks and fill as necessary. 

Shepherding Coordinator                                 
Plan event to create 8&U shepherding nametags, schedule
training meeting for new shepherds, be on-site at Time Trials
to assist and manage real-time training, oversee head shepherd
at meets to confirm that process is running smoothly.

TIER 3 - FULL SEASON TEAM JOBS (full meet job credit)
These pre-assigned jobs are the biggest and most time consuming jobs, requiring work throughout the entire swim season (and in some cases, preseason as well).  They are critical to our operational success this season.

Desk/Computer Entry Managers         
Prior to meet:  Coordinate w/ coaches and other teams, import IVST and      
visiting entries for home meets/send to hosting team for away meets,
seed the meet, print reports for coaches and workers, export
for online posting.  After meet: Import meet results and export for posting.
Coordinate big meets with coaches, gather entries and submit on time, get
results and export for online posting. 

Meet Computer Operators (full clearance unless in training)         
Manage all computer requirements before, during             
and after each meet, communicate with other teams to       
create meet line-ups, generate reports/statistics as needed, etc.            

Home Meet Set Up & Take Down         
Arrive 90 minutes before home meet start time (earlier for Wednesday night
meets), set up cones in parking lot and shepherds area, move bleachers, set up
pop up tents/chairs for timers, set up blocks, unlock bathrooms and stock,
post 'closed' sign in baby pool and diving board, hang banners and flags,
confirm garbage cans are lined and empty, monitor garbage cans and bathrooms
during meet, begin clean up before end of meet, replace/rearrange deck furniture.
Meet Directors         
Coordinate all functions required to run meets (including big
meets), notify meet workers of job assignments prior to meets,
oversee meet set up and clean up, check in all workers at
home and away meets, stay in touch with Parent Work
Schedule Manager regarding no-shows, distribute stop watches,
shepherding supplies, etc.

Meet Starters         
Start the races at home meets, announce events, manage flow of meet          
to start and end on time.
Parent Work Schedule Manager         
With help from Volunteer Coordinators, evaluate job needs
for season, prepare paperwork for Job Sign Up day, compile overall
parent work schedule for the entire season, ensuring that all swim meet
jobs are covered appropriately, resolve problems as they arise, fill jobs
for big meets. 
Record Board/Ribbons/Stars/Statistics                          
Maintain swimmer statistics for ribbons/star
distribution, maintain record board, assist with
end of season awards as necessary. Inventory Ribbons, Stars, Printer Ink, Labels and all necessary supplies.

Slide Show Producer (technical)            
Manage and organize swimmer pictures with parents, confirm
w/ AV contact that all equipment has been sourced for awards
night, create and produce end of season slide show, produce master dvd
for duplication.

Snack Shack Prep/Assistant                               
Assist Snack Shack managers as needed with prep and planning prior
to each meet.

Snack Shack Business Manager         
Oversees all aspects of snack shack including planning menu & setting prices for team to make a considerable profit, setting up detailed shopping list for buyers, monitor inventory all season.
Snack Shack Managers         
Coordinate all aspects of snack shack, including meal       
planning, purchasing, food prep and sales and clean up;
manage all snack shack workers during home meets.       

Stroke and Turn         
Work as stroke and turn judges at both home and away meets, attend          
a mandatory training session prior to start of season to receive full meet credit. 
IVST Spirit Wear/Apparel Coordinators                        
With input and guidance from Board, assist in sourcing,
promoting, compiling orders and distributing IVST apparel.