15 - 18 Swimmers

You are an integral part of the team and we want you to feel valued and appreciated at RMST! Here are a few incentives that hopefully get you excited to join our team!

1. You are FREE! There is a family fee and a splash fee for non-HOA members but you there are no swimmer fees for 15 - 18's!

2. There is NO JOB COMMITMENT for your family!

3. Upon registering you will receive a $25 snack shack gift card! We know this is a hungry group so hopefully this will help keep you powered up through the meets

4. We have a dedicated coach that is working on social events just for the 15 - 18 age group so there will be lots of fun both in and out of the pool this summer!

5. We have a Leadership Development Internship Program available to swimmers that don't want to give up their summer swimming but also want to have a summer resume builder. Please email director@rmstseals.org for additional information and to apply.

Register Here and GO SEALS!!