Management, organization, and operation of all RMST swim meets and social events is done exclusively by team parents. In addition to planning and staffing social events, each swim meet requires 20-30 parent volunteers in order to run smoothly and efficiently. Without this huge volunteer effort, swim team would not happen. The RMST Board recognizes that families are busy and, to that end, has made every effort to streamline jobs for the 2019 season. This year, returning families will be required to fulfill a minimum of 8 job credits, while new families will be required to fulfill a a minimum of 7 job credits. Jobs credits can be earned by working at a swim meet (e.g., timer, set-up, snack shack) or by planning or volunteering at a social event. (NOTE: In addition to regular season job credit requirements, families attending City Meet and/or Conference Meet are also required to work at least one job at each meet they attend).




Q: How many job credits do I have to complete?

A: Returning families must complete a total of 8 job credits. New families must complete a total of 7 job credits. Most jobs are valued at 1 credit each and are fulfilled by volunteering at swim meets. A limited number of jobs varying from 1-3 credits are also available for social events. In addition, families of swimmers attending City and/or Conference meet are required to work at least one job for each meet.

Q: Do I still have to fulfill all my job credits even if I am not attending all of the swim meets?

A: Yes, job credits requirements are per family, per season. The number of volunteers required for each meet is relatively static, and does not change based on the number of swimmers participating. Per family job credits required are calculated based on the number of families who register, as it impossible to know at that point which particular meets swimmers plan to participate in. There are many ways to complete your fulfill job credits even if you cannot attend all meets, including: (1) hiring a substitute to work a shift for you; (2) working 2 shifts in 1 meet (e.g. set-up and clean-up, or 2 adults working as timers). If there are exceptional or unusual circumstances that make these options not feasible for your family, please contact meetops@rmstseals.org and we will do our best to find workable alternatives to fulfill your job requirements.

Q: Where can I find descriptions of the types of jobs available to fulfill my job credits?

A: Descriptions of all available jobs can be found here.  

Q: What about a committee job? I thought that in addition to meet jobs we also had to sign-up for a committee job, like planning a social event?

A: Great news! In an effort to make job sign-ups easier for everyone, we have eliminated the Committee job requirement.  If you have fulfilled your job credit requirements but would still like to help out with a particular social event, feel free to contact the Tracey Baxter, RMST's Spirit/Social chair, at spiritsocial@rmstseals.com.


Q: I like to plan my summer well in advance, when will I be able to sign-up to work at specific meets? When is the deadline to sign-up?

A: The deadline to sign-up for all event/meets other than Conference/City meets is Monday, June 10th. Sign-ups for City Meet (June 29-30) and the Conference Meet (July 27-28) will be made available approximately 2 weeks before each meet.


Q: How do I know what jobs I've signed up for?

A: Easy! Just log in to the RMST Team Unify account, navigate to My Account on the right hand side of screen, select Reports, then select Job Sign-Up Report.


Q: What if I am no longer available to work a job that I had signed-up for? Or what if I really really don’t want to work at all?

A: Families are responsible fulfilling all of their minimum job credits. If you are no longer able to work a shift/job you had signed up for, you can either arrange to trade with another family or elect to pay a substitute to cover your shift. A list of available substitute workers is available here. The cost to hire a substitute* is $50 per meet/job. Please keep in mind that families are responsible for arranging and paying the substitute themselves. REMINDER: Whether trading shifts or hiring a sub to cover your shift, please make sure you inform Meet Operations.


*If you know a teenager or young adult who is interested in earning some extra cash this summer and would like to be included on our “substitute list” please contact the Director of Meet Operations at meetops@rmstseals.org.


Q: What happens if I fail to show up for a shift I signed-up for?

A: To reduce the number of meets/jobs each family is required to work our meets are staffed leanly. Failure to show up or refusal to work a job shift you have signed up for results in extra work for other families, meet delays, and is unfair to other families and swimmers. As a result, refusal to participate or fulfill all of your job obligations will result in a fine of $100 per meet or event.


Q: My youngest swimmer is a 15-18, do I still have work meets?

A: Good news! Families whose youngest swimmer is a 15-18 are not required to fulfill job credits. That said, we can always use more volunteers and encourage such families to sign-up for job shifts when available to do so.

Q: I still have questions about the RMST’s parent job requirements, whom can I contact?

A: If you have any questions about specific jobs or the jobs requirements in general, feel free to contact Jana Contreras, Director of Meet Operations, at meetops@rmstseals.org.