At RMST, we want to celebrate all our swimmers that work hard and improve in their strokes.

  • At dual meets, ribbons are awarded to swimmers in the 12 and under age groups:
    • 8 and Unders: 1st – 4th place in each heat receive ribbons
    • 9/10 and 11/12 age groups: 1st 6th place in each individual event receive ribbons 
    • Relay ribbons are awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams
  • At City Meet, swimmers are recognized as follows:
    • Individual events, Flight B
      • 1st – 4th place receive medals
      • 5th – 8th place receive ribbons
    • Individual events, Flight A
      • 1st – 4th place receive distinctive medals
      • 5th – 8th place receive oversize ribbons.
      • For ages 8 and under, heat winners in both flights receive ribbons.
    • Relay events
      • 1st – 4th place teams receive distinctive medals
      • 5th – 8th place teams receive oversize ribbons
  • At Conference Championship
    • Individual events
      • 1st – 10th place receive medals
      • 11th – 20th place receive ribbons
      • Heat winners receive ribbons
    • ​Relay events
      • "A" Heats: 1st – 8th place receive medals
      • "B" Heats: 9th – 16th place receive ribbons

Swimmers also receive recognition on the board at the RMST pool for their number of time improvements and time level rating (i.e., royal, emerald, silver, gold, county, or team record).

At the end of the season, we celebrate all swimmers in an epic end of season Awards Night! Every single swimmer will be recognized, acknowledged and celebrated for their individual achievements to the team. Swimmers also have the opportunity to earn special awards such as:

  • True Seal Award: this is given at the coaches' discretion to the swimmer that exemplifies what it means to be a Seal.
  • High Point: this is given to the top point earner in each age group for both boys and girls.
  • County Qualifiers: these speedy swimmers are recognized for qualifying to swim against the fastest swimmers in Contra Costa County.