SVST's Spirit Shines again!

Alycia McAlister


You brought your A game to the LSC Championship Meet!

You are wonderful and amazing and it was great seeing so many Rays put everything your coaches have been teaching you to use this weekend. Thank you for being kind to all swimmers and teams and demonstrating amazing sportsmanship. You make SVST awesome. 

At LSC, we had lots of pops, added to our County Qualifier list, and galloped away with the Spirit Award.  The official results pages are in and award winners will be announced Wednesday.

In the meantime, a super shout out to Sophi Mackay who broke TWO records this weekend!

  • 15-18  50  Free with a 24.24 
  • 15-18 100 Free with a 52.56

You go girl!

Extra special recognition and an enormous THANK YOU to our tireless, patient, efficient, and down right amazing Clerk of the Course/Shepherd crew! Melissa Buckley, Hein Clayton, Lisa Carlson, and Megan Branaugh shepherded our tiny swimmers all year long and again this weekend with their fearless LSC leader Jill Taylor who has worked behind the scenes all year to make the swimming and celebrating this weekend possible. You ladies rock!

We know the swimmer's favorite part of LSC is the swi... OTTERPOPs !  Thank you Laura Gunderson for bringing the sunshine, sweets and spirit to every single day of Spirit Week and Conference!   

The final list of awards will be announced soon on the LSC website,

Next up: Contra Costa County Championship Meet is 7/30-8/1 at Acalanes. We couldn’t be more proud to congratulate these 31 SVST swimmers who have qualified to attend:

Lena Taylor                             Dane Schurhoff                      Michael Solomon

Morgan Gunderson                 Kate Beaver                           Sophi MacKay

Kaylee Clayton                        Sydney Kring                         Olivia Williams

Cole Carlson                            Lily Palma                             Mia Bonavito

Xander Stein                            Leela Anzenberger               Ruby Koehler

Alexander Mura                       Mattie Rumberg                    Charlie Schofield

Leo Van Houten                       Liliana Bonavito                    Ben Gronbach

Liev Staino                               Carson Wellington                Will Dreyer

Norah Taylor                            JP Rosenblatt                       Miguel Strittmatter

Jake Solomon                         Santi Vignoles                       Kyle Rosenblatt

                                                                                              Andrew Sappal

Good luck at County, swimmers!

And finally, mark your calendar... we will gather for SVST's truely final event of 2021 to congratulate all of our swimmers and recognize the outstanding accomplishments of our individuals and our team at Awards Night on Friday 8/13 at the Lafayette Community Center.  Keep an eye out for details.  

Thank you to all SVST swimmers, families, friends and our community for making this swim season, not only happen, but be a success! 

See you all on deck soon!  Go Rays!