The Sun Valley Swim Team is a volunteer organization.  With the exception of the coaches, there are no paid positions on the team.  In order to make swim team work and provide a fun/safe experience, everyone must help out.  As a part of the Sun Valley Family, we all participate to make swimming a fun-filled, successful summer sport for our kids.  


The number of jobs required by each family is determined by the number of registered families!  The more friends on our team the fewer jobs required by each family ;-)  So invite your pals to swim Sun Valley!  


Each family will be responsible for working approximately 10 total jobs which includes a job at LSC Championship Meet.  Job Sign-Ups will be released 3 times during the summer.  You will recieve a confirmation of the jobs your family will be responsible for fulfilling for the swim season.  

If YOU DO NOT CHOOSE your jobs during sign-up, jobs will be assigned to you.  


Here is a list of the some of the jobs it takes to keep our team running:


Bathroom and Trash Duty:  Home Meets Only.  Monitor the bathrooms and the trash around the pool during the meet.   Empty trash cans when needed. Clean & restock bathrooms when needed.


Clerk of Course:  Home and Away Meets. This is also a job at LSC Championship Conference Meet.  The clerk is responsible for checking in swimmers for each event and putting them in the right lane. Must be good with controlled chaos and name/face recognition. Works with coaches and families to track down swimmers who have not lined up at the correct time. Is a good opportunity to meet every young swimmer on the team.


Desk Jobs:  (some cannot be subbed out) 

  • Lane Caller:  Home meets only. Identify lanes without swimmers and communicate to the head timer.  Help set-up and tear-down/put away Desk & timing equipment.

  • Runner:  Home meets only. Probably the most important job in the entire meet. At the end of every event, the runner collects the cards from the timers and delivers them to the automation table. Also keeps an eye on the Stroke and Turn people for disqualification (DQ) cards. You don't have to run, but you do get in a lot of mileage during the meet. Great opportunity for someone who wants to both watch a swim meet and get in a workout. You get to see most races and can pause in your duties to make sure you see your child swim. Help set-up and tear-down/put away Desk & timing equipment.

  • Verifier:  Home meets only. Prepares clipboards for timers before meet starts.  Works with home team automation crew to verify data entry of results into the computer. Typically also helps with posting results. Does not need computer experience as running the computer is the responsibility of the Desk crew.  Attention to detail is critical. Typically you watch your children swim then return to the desk area when your children are not swimming. Help set-up and tear-down/put away Desk & timing equipment.

  • Data Retriever:  Home meets only.  Pull in times from the Colorado as events complete. Combine events. Upload meet data to Team Unify. Upload results to Team Unify,


Floater/Relief Timer:  Home and Away Meets. Relieve timers and perform timing duties when necessary throughout the meet.  Sign up for this if you are willing to help us out wherever we need you... sometimes you’ll work a lot, sometimes just a little.   

Head Timer:  Home meets only.  This is also a Conference job. Organize and supervisor timers. Responsible for making sure timers are ready to time. During events maintain multiple backup stopwatches in case a timer has an issue. Helpful to have a cool head and be a quick thinker. Previous experience as a timer is critical.  

Parking Attendant-Meher School:  Wednesday Night meets only. (4pm - 6:30 pm)  Arrive at 4pm. Put out the SVST parking direction sandwich boards on Meek & Meher & in front of SVST.  Then monitor the Meher School parking lot and direct traffic and parking in the parking areas until 6:30 pm.

Starter *(trained position):  Home meets only.  The Starter calls and starts all of the races and is also responsible for detecting false starts.

Timer:  Home and Away Meets.  Must be in a chair at the end of a lane during your shift. Verify the name of the swimmer in your lane (ask their name).  Use a stopwatch and or “timing plunger” to record the swimmer’s time in your lane in each event. Stopwatch timers record your time on a piece of paper. Plunger Timers just press a button when the swimmer touches the wall. Ability to pay attention and neat handwriting are plusses. By being a timer you get one of the best views of the meet. You are located where each swim event finishes.

Announcer:  This is usually an LSC (Conference) job.  The announcer helps keep the meet moving by announcing the start of events and making other announcements.