Mini Rays is a program designed for young, pre-competitive swimmers between ages 3-6 years. It's a fun and friendly environment where kids can gain confidence in their swimming. 

In 2021 swimmers need to be a pool member to participate in Mini-Rays


  • Cultivate and develop an enthusiasm for swimming
  • Ensure water safety for swimmers
  • Teach fundamentals of all four competitive strokes
  • Swimmers can swim the length of pool by end of program


  • Can enter/exit pool unassisted
  • Blow bubbles and submerge head under water
  • Swim two yards unassisted

Times & Dates  - Beginning June 1

(No practice on Wednesdays AND July 1st - 4th holiday) 

Check-in at 1:00 - 1:10pm /  Pick-up at 1:45pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Evaluation Date: Evaluations will be held in May at Sun Valley Pool. This will allow the coaches to see if your child is a true Mini Ray. In some cases, coaches may encourage the swimmer to join the 6 & under swim team.

Mini Ray Swim Meet: -  Mini Rays will have the opportunity to swim in our final home meet of the season. They will only be entered into the freestyle event, which is the first race of the meet. This is a fun way to cap off the Mini Ray program and experience what swim team is all about.

Mini Ray Party : A wrap-up celebration will be planned after the final practice day. 



For more information on the Mini Ray program and to be placed on the communications list or waitlist please email Marcie Van Houten at [email protected].