Meet Types

This is the first time a swimmer will swim for a time. Coaches will enter swimmers in 2-all 5 events. Times are recorded to establish a baseline. This intra-squad meet affords swimmers and coaches an opportunity to assess skills as well as providing racing experience. 

DUAL MEETS:e completed by the posted deadline. The coaches enter the relay teams. Invitational meets charge entry fees which WCSC pays for out of its fund-raising proceeds. However, if a swimmer signs up for an invitational meet and does not swim, the team will char
Meets between WCSC and one other team are called dual meets. Coaches determine all entries and are posted online prior to each meet. Dual meets include individual as well as relay events, usually in the following order:

  1. Medley Relay

  2. Individual Medley

  3. Freestyle

  4. Breaststroke

  5. Backstroke

  6. Butterfly

  7. Freestyle Relay

Normally, Wednesday evening meets begin at 5:00 pm, Saturday morning dual meets begin at 9:00am, with warm-ups 1/2 hour  prior to the start for both.  Dual meets usually last about 3 hours, though some pools have strict cut-off times, so it's not unusual for free relay to be cut.

These are large meets that involve eight or more teams. Some invitational meets have qualifying times as a pre-requisite for entry. Swimmers and their parents must be sure to sign-up to enter most of these meets. Sign-ups must bge that swimmer his entry fee. In addition, if a swimmer is signed up for a relay at an invitational and does not swim or notify the coaches that he is unable to swim with sufficient notice, that swimmer will be charged the entry fee for the entire relay team.

This is our team's major fund-raiser. It takes place over two days, Saturday and Sunday, in 
early July. All team members are expected to swim this meet and all parents are required to work two 4 hours shifts. Usually, WCSC swimmers swim 3 individual events plus relays. Every recreational swim team in Walnut Creek is invited to attend.  The meet concludes with the parents' relays and the always-popular coaches' relays.

This meet is for swimmers who meet the designated qualifying times for the event(s) they swim.  A swimmer must swim the qualifying times during a dual meet or an invitational meet.  The swimmers who qualify for this meet continue to practice after the Conference Meet.  For all other swimmers the season ends after the Conference Meet. Coaches will choose relay teams.  If your child makes county, like all invitational meets, parents will be required to work at the meet.