What To Take

What to take to a meet

  1. Most important: Swim Suit, Goggles, Team Cap

  2. Towels - pack several.

  3. Sunscreen - your mother was right, you should always wear sunscreen!

  4. Something to sit on - folding chairs or blankets. The swimmer area may be located away from the pool on grass or concrete.

  5. Swim parka or other outer layers.  

  6. Games: travel games, cards, coloring books, books, anything to pass the time between events.

  7. Food and Drinks: Bring dinner to night meets and energy sustaining snacks to morning meets. There are usually concessions if you'd rather buy.
    Water, fruit juice, gatorade etc.
    Snacks: Granola bars, fresh fruits, sandwiches etc.

  8. Pop-up tent or sun canopy. The days are long and hot and there isn't always shade available.

This sounds like a lot to schlep (and it is! anything on wheels is helpful), but once you have attended a couple of meets this will all seem routine. Please do not hesitate to ask any other parent for help or information!

Note to Parent's: Temperature at meets can range from very warm to very cold depending on the location, time of day and weather. Wear or bring lots of layers!