Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  Who's in charge of what?

A:  We’re hoping that the FAQ’s on this page will answer most of your questions, but if you don’t find what you need, check out our Contacts Tab page to find the right person to answer any questions.


Q: How much is membership?
A: The registration page has details of the registration process and costs.  The current rates are on the registration page.  WCSC has no other club fees or membership costs.

Q: What's the process of joining for new swimmers?
A: There is a swimmer assessment with the coaches, to make sure kids are water safe.  Registration follows, and then a Team meeting.  Email [email protected] to help you get up to speed if you have questions.

Q: How is the age group that my child will swim determined?
A: The age group is determined by your child's age as of June 15 of that season.

Q: When does "X" happen?
A: All swim meets, social events etc. are posted on the Calendar and the Events pages. New events and updates will be released by email, so make sure to update your account and swimmer profiles with your current email, phone and SMS Text numbers.  A weekly newsletter will typically be sent every Monday during the swim season alerting you of upcoming events and deadlines.  A bulletin board is also updated on the pool deck during summer practice. 

Q: I am new to the Swim Team - what do all these words mean?
A: Check out the glossary for definitions of WCSC lingo

Q: Where/what is my family folder?
A: File boxes with folders for each family are brought to every summer practice and are located near the bulletin board. It is your responsibility to check your folder regularly for ribbons, announcements, communications etc.

Q: What are time trials?
A: Time trials is the first time a swimmer will swim for a time that season. Each member of the team swims every stroke and the times are recorded. This intra-squad meet affords swimmers and coaches an opportunity to assess skills as well as providing racing experience.

Q: Where can I connect with other parents to car pool, share pictures etc?
A: Check out the team facebook page, where you can post pictures and get info.  You also have access to a member directory by clicking on “members” located in the top left-hand corner of the home page of our website.  Please note:  This information is only available to registered members of the team.  In order to access a team roster, you must be signed in to the website.  Please consult the next section concerning “signing in.”


Q: Why can't I see some things like "Docs" or "Social Events" or "Swimmer Times" on the site?
A: You have to SIGN IN in order to see some of the details of our team.

Need help signing in, or forgot your logon/password combo? Email [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP.


Q: OK, so I logged in, but what do I do with this site now?

1.      Check for news

2.      Watch the calendar for events

3.      Sign out of dual meets

4.      Sign in for invitational meets

5.      See what strokes your swimmer(s) will be swimming at the next meet.

6.      See results from past meets

7.      Link to our facebook page, where you get info, post pictures, chew the fat and shoot the breeze

Q: Do I have to sign in for Dual Meets?
A: You do not have to sign in for Dual Meets, that is done automatically for you. However, you need to sign OUT of a meet to let the Coaches know if you're not attending.

For dual meets only, it is assumed that everyone will attend the meet, and therefore you are automatically confirmed for the event on Team Unify.  Coaches will then go in and register each swimmer for the specific events they will swim at that particular meet.  If you cannot attend the meet, however, you must “sign-out” via the website.  

Please Note: You must sign out of a meet 1-week prior to that meet.  Any last-minute requests should be emailed to [email protected]

Q: Do I have to sign in for Invitational meets?
A: Yes. Although it is expected that you attend both the All City (our biggest fundraiser of the year!) and Conference Meets, you will need to sign in for these meets. Instructions for how to do so are below.  Woodlands is an Invitational Meet where coaches will inform you if you are eligible to swim and what strokes you will be swimming. At that time, you will need to inform them of your availability for this meet.

Q: How do I sign in/out of meets?
A: The instructions are as follows:

1. Log on to the Walnut Creek Swim Club Website 
2. Click on the Meets/Practices tab at the top of the home page.
3. Find the meet and Click on the “Edit Commitment” button.
4. Click on Member Name (person you are checking out)
5. Go to the"Declaration" drop-down, and select “No thanks…” to declare that the swimmer will not be attending, or "Confirm attendance" to declare that they will attend.  A short note is very helpful if signing out.



Q: What should I take to a meet?
A: See the What to take to a meet page for suggestions

Q: How do I know what my swimmer(s) will be swimming at each meet?
Meet sheets will be posted on the website (Check the News Section for posting) and Facebook the day prior to each meet.  Swimmers are encouraged to consult with the coaches if there are any discrepancies prior to the meet.

Q: How do I know when to arrive to each meet?
Wednesday night meets typically start at 6pm.  If it is a Home Meet, being held at Larkey Park, swimmers should be ready to warm up at 5pm.  For Away Meets, swimmers should be ready to warm up at 5:30pm.

Start times for Saturday morning meets are typically 9:00am.  For Home Meets, warm-ups are at 8am.  For an Away Meet, it’s usually 8:30am.

Any exceptions to these times would be noted in the weekly newsletter.

Q: Why do I have to work at swim meets?
A: Swim meets wouldn’t happen without the help of all parents on the team.  In order to keep it equitable, families are asked to begin the season by selecting a minimum of 6 dual meet assignments.  In addition, each family will be expected to work at the All-City Meet and Conference Meet.


Q: What kind of social events happen during the summer swim season? How do I sign-up or get information?
WCSC offers several social events for both swimmers and parents during the swim season.  None of these events are mandatory, but often are the swimmer’s best memories of the swim season.

Some of those events include:

  •  Age-Group Socials

  •  Annual Camping Trip

  •  Big Buddy/Little Buddy Picnic

  •  Parent Social

  •  After Conference Party

  •  End of Season Banquet

Information for each of these events can be found on the Calendar.  In addition, information concerning details of each event and sign up requirements will be sent in the weekly newsletter.  It is imperative that people RSVP for each of these events by the date given.  Most of them require prior reservations and food orders so proper head-count is a must.


Q: How can I get reimbursed for team expenses?
Fill in the reimbursement form and give it to the team treasurer, Stacie Deng (email [email protected])

Q: What's this I hear about an iPhone App?
A: OnDeck (iPhone) or OnDeck Play Store (Android) allows you to track meets, jobs, results, news and more!  Click on the link to install.

Q: That's cool, but I meant the app some teams had last year that show close to real-time results
A: Ah, that's Meet Mobile (iPhone, Android) - it links to the software used to run meets (Meet Manager) and allows for near real-time publishing of results.

Q: What the heck is our "team alias" when logging in to the Team Unify app?
A: recwcscwcsc, (because we are in the Walnut Creek Swim Conference, and we are Walnut Creek Swim Club.  WCSC - the team so nice they named it twice!)

Q: Ok, I loaded the app and did the first sync (which took a while). Now that the app is ready it doesn't do anything!?
A:Hit the menu bar at the bottom to see more options. This is not immediately obvious, so don't feel bad :-)

Q: Where can I get more information about the OnDeck App?
A: OnDeck Tutorial. Check out the excellent tutorials - you can compare times with previous events, time your kids and upload times to facebook; all within OnDeck Parent!

Q: I still have questions about Team Unify or the app.  Who do I ask?
A: Contact [email protected]