Clerk of the Course
At larger meets, Clerks assist with the "checking in" of all swimmers and the escorting of younger swimmers.
A swimmer is "Disqualified" ("D.Q.ed") for improper stroke technique, turns and wall-touching.
False Start
A False Start occurs when a swimmer leaves the start-position before the starter sounds.
Free Relay
Free relay consists of four different swimmers in one relay competition, each swimming freestyle
Heat/Lane Sheets
Sheets posted at all Meets with Heat and Lane Assignments for all swimmers.
Individual Medley
Individual medley consists of a single swimmer swimming equal distances of four different strokes within one race. The order of the different strokes: Fly, Back, Breast and Free.
Lane Recorder
Lane Recorders are positioned at the end of the pool, where all races end. Recording Slips are provided to record the name, team, times, event, etc. for each race.
Medley Relay
Medley relay consists of four different swimmers in one relay competition, each swimming one stroke. The order of the different strokes is: Back, Breast, Fly and Free.
Meet Program
A printed Program listing the order of events and heats for swimmers for a particular meet.
A fabled organization thought to be descended from either the Masons or Knights Templar. This shadowy group's deeds are the stuff of legends, a 38 year old tradition in the making.
The Runner collects the Recording Slips from the Lane Recorders and brings them to the Desk.
Shepherds are responsible for gathering the "8 and under" swimmers and lining them up for their races.
The Starter is responsible for starting each race. The Starter works with the Announcer to maintain the pace of the meet.
Stroke and Turn Judge
A Stroke and Turn Judge is provided by each team to watch all swimmers during their races to ensure proper stroke techniques. When infractions are noted, the judge has the authority to D.Q. a swimmer for that event. This position requires training.
Timers have stopwatches and are stationed at the end of the pool where the races end. Timers report their times to their respective Lane Recorders. Three Timers are assigned to each lane.
Two Hand Touch
Swimmers are required to touch the wall with “two hands” when competing in Fly and Breast Stroke Races.