Weekly Newsletter 5/26



Walnut Creek Swim Club Weekly Update

Week of 5.24

Weekly Letter Highlights : Details below

  • If your swimmer is not participating in the Wednesday, June 2nd meet...sign out by tonight, 5/26 (sign out directions below)
  • Silicone swim cap orders are due tonight (Latex caps are ordered for the entire team)
  • How to mark your swimmer for meets 
  • Jobs update
  • Apparel orders are due tomorrow 5/27
  • Social Events: Camping and Big Buddy Little Buddy Picnic 
  • Link to WCSC calendar

Our first meet is scheduled for 6/2 versus Dewing Park at Larkey pool. The REST meet (previously scheduled for 5/26/21) was moved to an AWAY meet on 6/5.


*Please sign out for the 6/2 meet by tonight so that we can start setting up the schedule and meet sheet.  Remember all swimmers are automatically signed in to meets; you only have to sign out if you are not attending.

Signing out of meets:

1. Log on to the Walnut Creek Swim Club Website  

2. Click on the Calendar button at the top of the home page. 

3. Find the meet and Click on the “Edit Commitment” button.

4. Click on Member Name (person you are checking out)

5. Go to the "Sign Up Record" drop-down, and select “No thanks…” to declare that   the swimmer will not be attending.  A short note is very helpful if signing out.

Coaches Update: 

Great job at time trials, everyone! It felt so good to be back on the pool deck with old and new members of our WCSC family. 


Coach Mandy


Thank you to all of the shepherd volunteers! You all can help them and your child to never miss a swim! Particularly for 8 & unders -- but any swimmer can benefit from this method. At every meet please have your swimmers marked with a sharpie.




Thanks to those of you who have already signed up for your dual meet jobs this season!  There are still job slots available, particularly timers for home meets.  This year, due to the structure of the meets, while we have 5 job requirements, they are generally shorter commitments for each job since we broke them out by cohorts.

- We still have not received many job deposit checks so please submit your $500 volunteer deposit check to WCSC this week at practice or contact me to arrange an alternative drop off.

- Any questions?  Contact me at [email protected]


Apparel: Last Day To Order (seriously this time)


 Home | Walnut Creek Swim Club St

SILICONE SWIM CAPS by 5/26 evening: Shop All | Moonwaves

I have an example of one of these so come find me at practice if you want to see it. 

AGON/MOONWAVES: Suits, Parkas & towels are still available on the agon/moonwaves website: Custom Designs for Walnut Creek Swim Club

(The images on this site are not very good representations of the item so you will need to read the title to choose the correct item. The parka looks like a parka that has been disassembled.)

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have questions. [email protected]


Social Events:

Camping Trip:

The last day to sign up for the WCSC Camping Trip 2021 will be Friday, May 28th. Details and sign ups can be found using this link: 

WCSC 2021 Camping Trip

Big Buddy Little Buddy Picnic:

Big Buddy Little Buddy Picnic

One of the best traditions of WCSC is the Big Buddy Little Buddy Picnic hosted by the Nightriders!

Tuesday, June 15 from 6-8:00pm at Larkey Park.

6-8pm Dinner Games

8pm 15-18 Nightrider Initiation

8:30pm Pickup

Please sign up by Wednesday June 3rd, to give us a few days to match everyone up, as well as so your swimmer has time to meet their buddy before the picnic!

At the Buddy Picnic, younger swimmers (most likely 10 & under) will be paired with an older swimmer (most likely 11 & up) for dinner and games. Older swimmers will bring dinner of their buddy's choosing, and the younger swimmers will bring dessert and a drink to share. Then it is games galore and of course the initiation of new 15-18s by becoming a human sundae. Pairings will be sent out by Friday, June 11th so that buddy's have time to meet before the picnic. The hope is that the buddies continue their friendship throughout the season by cheering each other on at races, making each other signs, hanging out at meets, and checking in with each other at practices, just to name a few ideas.

*Please note that all food items need to be store bought or ordered. Masks and social distancing will be in place.

Talk to or email a Nightrider at [email protected] if you have questions.

Good Stuff to Know: 

WCSC loves our furry four legged friends, but per City guidelines dogs are not allowed inside the gates on the pool deck. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Use this link to access our calendar.

WCSC 2021 Calendar


More photos: