WCSC Newsletter 5/31


Walnut Creek Swim Club Weekly Updates 


Week of: 5/31

Weekly Letter Highlights : Details below

  • Schedule for week of 5/31 and Summer Practice Schedule
  • Wednesday, June 3rd: Dewing Park Meet at Home
  • -- Wave 1 (10 and under) warm ups begin at: 4:50pm
  • -- Wave 2 (11 and up) warm ups begin at: 7pm
  • Kona Shaved Ice Truck will be here Wednesday, 6/2
  • Snack Shack will have hot dogs, pizza, cup of noodles, churros, hot chocolate and other goodies! Come hungry! Cash or debit/credit (must be over $10 for debit/credit)
  • Saturday, June 5th Meet against Rudgear Estates at Rudgear Estates: Sign out by: Tuesday, June 1st 
  • Registration Fees & Volunteer Deposits are due this week
  • Jobs Updates
  • All City News
  • Team Suits and Apparel Orders Update
  • Social Events: Big Buddy Little Buddy Picnic sign up

Coaches Update: 

Can’t wait to see how our swimmers do at our first two meets this week! Unfortunately, I will be out of town for a wedding but Coach Brad and our other coaches are around to answer questions and I am always available through email! 


Coach Mandy

Registration Fees & Volunteer Deposit

If you have not paid your season registration fee or turned in your volunteer deposit check, please do so this week. Swimmers who have not paid season fees or turned in the volunteer check, will not be entered into the Saturday, June 5th meet. 

Kona Shaved Ice Truck:

Kona Shaved Ice Truck will be at the meet Wednesday, June 2nd starting at 5:30pm. Be Kona Cool and raise money for the team!

Practice Schedules:

Week of 5/31:

    Tuesday: regular afternoon practices

     Wednesday: Meet against Dewing Park at Home; No regular practice

     Thursday: regular afternoon practices

     Saturday: Meet at Rudgear Estates

June 7th Summer Practice times start:

*Practices are held by age group

Monday - Friday:

Age Group

Practice Time

6 and unders












Upcoming Meets:

Wednesday, June 2nd: Home meet against Dewing Park

Wave 1 (10 and under) warm ups begin at: 4:50pm

Wave 2 (11 and up) warm ups begin at: 7pm

*Meet Sheet will be sent out/posted on Tuesday, June 1st. 

Saturday, June 5th: At Rudgear Estates

970 Palmer Road, Walnut Creek

Wave 1 (10 and under) warm ups begin at: Time will be emailed out this week

Wave 2 (11 and up) warm ups begin at: Time will be emailed out this week


  • Please check in with the Jobs Coordinator by the Shepherding tent, carrying the WCSC clipboard and wearing the red, white and blue flower lei prior to your job shift in order to get job credit.
  • Please note: meet start times and cohort times are being finalized and may change therefore, please confirm your job start time prior to the meet at which you are scheduled to work to ensure you are there on time!  
  • We are still in need of TWO timers for Wave 1 (10 & Unders) for this coming Wednesday, June 2 home meet.  This is an easy way to get your job credits done early, and we cannot run the meet unless all jobs are filled!  Thank you!

All City News:

What is All City? This is WCSC’s biggest fundraiser for the year. We welcome nearly 1900 swimmers and their families from 9 other teams; it’s a really big swim meet!  Walnut Creek Swim Club is the host of the meet (since 1987) which means we all chip in and do our part to continue to make this a meet to which all of the teams want to return to.  As a team, we pride ourselves on running a fun and well-run swim meet.  We are working hard on getting this year’s All City Swim meet planned. It may operate a little differently this year but you can be sure it will still be a fun event for all in attendance. Look for more information soon.

If you’d like to have a Shout-Out in this year's program go to this google form to start the process and get more information. 


Jolyn x Finis suits are here! Come find me (Erica Gilmore) at the pool this week or at the meet to pick up your suits. If you haven’t paid you can Venmo me, cash, or check when you pick up. 

Spirit wear will be ordered this week and usually is completed in 1-2 weeks. Thanks to everyone who ordered!

Social Events:

Big Buddy Little Buddy Picnic:

Sign up by Wednesday, June 3rd using this link: Big Buddy Little Buddy Picnic

One of the best traditions of WCSC is the Big Buddy Little Buddy Picnic hosted by the Nightriders!

Tuesday, June 15 from 6-8:00pm at Larkey Park.

6-8pm Dinner Games

8pm 15-18 Nightrider Initiation

8:30pm Pickup

Please sign up by Wednesday June 2nd, to give us a few days to match everyone up, as well as so your swimmer has time to meet their buddy before the picnic!

At the Buddy Picnic, younger swimmers (most likely 10 & under) will be paired with an older swimmer (most likely 11 & up) for dinner and games. Older swimmers will bring dinner of their buddy's choosing, and the younger swimmers will bring dessert and a drink to share. Then it is games galore and of course the initiation of new 15-18s by becoming a human sundae. Pairings will be sent out by Friday, June 11th so that buddy's have time to meet before the picnic. The hope is that the buddies continue their friendship throughout the season by cheering each other on at races, making each other signs, hanging out at meets, and checking in with each other at practices, just to name a few ideas.

*Please note that all food items need to be store-bought or ordered. Masks and social distancing will be in place.

Talk to or email a Nightrider at [email protected] if you have questions.

Good Stuff to Know: 

Order for Medley Relay: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, FreestyleOrder for Individual Medley: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle


Use this link to access our calendar.

WCSC 2021 Calendar

Larkey Aquatic Area Map for WCSC and Visiting Teams