7/12 Newsletter

Kirsti Davis

Walnut Creek Swim Club Weekly Updates 


Week of: 7/12


Highlights of the Week

  • Wednesday, July 14th home meet against Larkey Sharks (Snack Shack Menu for this week will go out with the meet programs)

  • Thursday, July 15th 13 and Up Dinner

  • Saturday, July 17th home meet against PHA Dolphins(Snack Shack Menu for this week will go out with the meet programs)

  • Saturday, July 17th Kona Shave Ice Truck at the meet 

  • Monday, July 19th 13-14 Social

  • Thursday, July 22nd Nightrider Visits

  • Saturday/Sunday, July 24/25 Conference Meet 

  • Sunday, July 25th After Conference Party at Larkey Pool (more info in next week’s newsletter)


Coaches Update:

We only have two weeks left of the season before the Conference meet! You might notice towards the end of this week (especially for our 10 and ups) that they will begin tapering in preparation! This means they are doing less sprinting, shorter distance sets, and have more rest. This is all part of our training for our last meet of the year!



Wednesday, July 14th home meet against Larkey Sharks - gates open at 4:30pm and warm ups begin at 4:50pm. Meet program will be emailed out tomorrow.


Saturday, July 17th home meet against Pleasant Hill Dolphins. Warm up times and meet program will be emailed later this week. Kona Shave Ice Truck will be at the meet. 


Conference Meet: Saturday and Sunday, July 24/25. More information on this meet coming soon. 



There are still jobs that need to be filled for the last 2 home meets.  We especially need shepherds.  This is the last chance to fulfill your job requirements or just volunteer extra time to help out the team :). 


Conference jobs will be posted today at 5pm PT.  All families are required to work one volunteer shift at the conference meet.  


Social Events:

Thursday, July 15th 13 and Up Dinner at Limon in Walnut Creek

It is a long held WCSC tradition to have a nice dinner for our 13+ swimmers. This year we are going to Walnut Creek's Limon (owned by a WCSC family!!) The cost for the dinner will be $45 per swimmer, this will include dinner and dessert with tax and tip included. We will meet at Civic Park at 5:30pm to take pictures and then walk over to dinner at 6pm. If your swimmer is planning on joining this fun event please have them bring a check made out to the team to me or Coach Lainey by this coming Tuesday 7/13. 


Monday, July 19th 13-14 Beach Day in Capitola

We need 1-2 drivers for about 6 swimmers! Please email Mandy if you can drive. 

This year for our 13-14 social we are going to take a trip down to Capitola! In order for this to happen we need parent volunteers to drive. The date for this event will be Monday 7/19. The plan is to leave at 10am, drive down to Capitola, grab lunch at the deli, then enjoy each other's company on the beach while we eat, play games, and swim if the weather is nice!! We will be back around 4-5pm. Please respond to this email letting me know 1. if your swimmer will attend the social and 2. if you are able to drive (and how many swimmers can fit in your car!)


Snack Shack Menu:


Snack Shack Menu will be emailed out with each meet program. It’s going to be yummy!