The team doesn't run without parent volunteers!

Parent Volunteers

The requirement for each family is:

  • 6-8 dual meets
  • Two 4 hour work sessions totaling 8 hours at All City Meet
  • One - 4 hour work session at Conference Meet

All parents are capable of doing all jobs; however, some jobs require special training. If you sign up for a job that requires training, you are also committing to training time.

Invitational Meets – Work assignments at invitational meets such as Woodlands Invitational and County Swim Meet will be assigned based on family participation in the meet.  The host team provides a list of required jobs and the jobs chair must than assign families based on needs.

Once the jobs have been assigned, each person is expected to be on the job at the correct time. If you cannot work your scheduled job, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure someone is there to work for you. You can arrange to switch an assignment with someone else or hire a substitute worker for $50.00 per meet. A list of substitute workers will be listed on the website.

The Jobs Coordinator will check-in workers at all meets. Please check-in with this person 15 minutes before the start of the meet so that you receive credit for working.

Computer Desk Worker

We need people who are good with computers to work the desk at home meets. This job does require some special training. Contact Mary at [email protected] if you would like to help in this capacity. HOME MEETS ONLY.

Desk/Awards Workers

Located at the tables under the white canopy. Jobs include sorting paperwork, putting labels on ribbons and filing ribbons. Desk workers are needed at both HOME AND AWAY MEETS. At away meets this job may involve staying a few minutes after the meet finishes because there is often a short delay between the race and the labels being printed.

Snack Shack/BBQ -- Home Meets

Snack Bar Worker -- Help prepare, shop and/or sell food and candy during the meet. HOME MEETS ONLY.

BBQ – must have BBQ experience with burgers and chicken.


Located at the finish of each lane during the meet. Use a stopwatch to clock a swimmer's time. Must be in your chair and ready to time ten minutes before the start of the meet. HOME AND AWAY MEETS.


Pick up the time slips from the recorder at each lane and bring the slips to the computer desk. HOME MEETS ONLY.


These awesome and patient parents organize and escort the 8 & unders to their events/lanes

Starter – Requires Training – Contact [email protected]

Start the swimmers and timers for each race. This job is one of the meet officials. Special training is required. HOME MEETS ONLY.

Stroke and Turn – Requires Training – Contact [email protected]

Watch swimmers as they swim to make sure they do the required starts, strokes and turns according to USS rules. This job is one of the meet officials. Special training is required. HOME AND AWAY MEETS.