WCSC is a volunteer-run organization.  We rely on parent volunteers to run all of the administrative aspects of the team, serve on the Board of Directors, lead various committees and volunteer for roles needed to run meets. A swim team cannot function without the support of the team parents. Parents/ family are needed to time the races at a meet, record times, enter meet scores, label ribbons, work the snack bar, and officiate at meets. Most of the jobs are easy to learn and simple to perform (some require additional training, such as meet officials which the team provides). Many of the jobs allow you a front row seat for your swimmer's races and all of the jobs provide a fun opportunity to be involved and get to know other swim team families and parents.


- Every family must fulfill a total of 5 Dual Meet Jobs (with exception of families with only swimmers ages 15 or up, families serving in board or other team roles, or families who buyout of dual meet season jobs, who are exempt from Dual Meet jobs but must still fulfill volunteer obligations for All City, Conference and Invitational meets)

- All families must work at the All-City Meet (June 25 & 26) which is sponsored by WCSC and is the team’s major fundraiser. The volunteer obligations per team family for the All-City Meet is:

- Two 4-hour meet shifts (or one 8-hour shift)

- One set-up (Friday evening) or breakdown shift (Sunday evening) during the two-day meet

- For the Walnut Creek Swim Conference Championships (July 23 & 24), each family must work: one 4-hour shift

- Any Invitational Meet your child swims (Woodlands Invitational, Contra Costa County Championships), requires each family to be available to work one shift if needed. The work assignments will be done prior to the invitational meets. It is important to be flexible on job assignments as jobs are assigned to teams by meet hosts and not WCSC.

We require a $500 volunteer deposit at the start of the season, due at Time Trials.  This check will be returned to you or destroyed at the end of the season once all your family's volunteer requirements are fulfilled.  If you choose to not work the required dual meet volunteer jobs for the season you can pay a $650 buy-out at the beginning of the season. If you choose this option, we will not ask you to fulfill your dual meet job commitments, however All City Meet & Conference Meet job obligations are still required.  If at the end of the season, you have not completed all of your volunteer requirements and you have not discussed other arrangements with the Jobs Coordinator, the $500 deposit will be forfeited.

Your swimmer will not be able to participate in meets (except Time Trials) until all dual meet jobs are signed up for and a $500 deposit is received.


When you sign up to work a meet, you must show up on time and be ready to work and be prepared to stay until the end of your shift or work obligations.  If you don’t show up on time, it puts a burden on the team to find someone to replace you and it may cause a delay to our meet operations.  

The Jobs Coordinator will check-in workers at all meets at a designated spot. Please check-in with the Jobs Coordinator at least 15 minutes before the start of your job shift so that you can receive any directions/training needed and receive credit for working.

If you sign up for a volunteer job and then you cannot fulfill your obligation, you are responsible for finding a replacement.  You can find your own replacement, use the team roster to find another family to cover the job for you, or hire a substitute from the Subs list.  You must update the job sign-up with any replacement/Sub contact information, and notify the Jobs Coordinator by emailing [email protected].  It is your responsibility to find a replacement to work your shift.  If you fail to show for your shift and do not have a replacement, you will be charged $75.00 which will be taken from your deposit. 


The Jobs Coordinator will announce when the dual meet jobs will be released for sign-up for the season (generally 1 week before Time Trials). All City and Conference jobs will be released separately and announced during the season.  Once jobs are released for sign-up, all families can sign-up for jobs through the Team Unify website or On Deck mobile app.  

All dual meet jobs must be signed up for the season by the job sign-up deadline at the beginning of the season or your swimmer will not be allowed to swim in any swim meets (after Time Trials).

- Signing up for jobs is first come, first served.  Parents are encouraged to sign-up as early as possible to ensure there are jobs available that meet their time and schedule.

- Each meet has a sign-up deadline so any changes after that date requires approval from the Jobs Coordinator. 

- Different jobs have different check-in/start times.  Some jobs require arriving earlier than warm-up times to help set-up and others require staying late to help clean-up.  The times are listed on the job sign-up. Please ensure that you check the start and end times and ensure that you are able to make it.

- You may have someone else work the volunteer job for you (family member, friend, paid sub), in which case you need to enter the volunteer name and contact number during the sign-up process. There is a list of available Subs on the Team Unify website or you can find one of your own substitutes.  WCSC Subs get paid $60 per volunteer shift.  Arrangement for a Sub and payment is made directly between the parent/family and Sub worker.

- You may sign-up for more than one job during the same meet as long as you have individuals available to work each job.  Volunteer names and contact numbers will need to be provided for each job sign-up.


Most jobs are simple and require little training.  All parents are capable of doing all jobs; however, some jobs require additional training. If you sign up for a job that requires training, you are also committing to training time.  Certain jobs can be pre-assigned if you are trained and/or interested in specific jobs.  Contact [email protected] if you are interested in being pre-assigned for any jobs listed.

Computer Desk Worker (HOME MEETS ONLY)

Desk workers sit poolside to help support meet operations through organizing paperwork and validating meet results on the MeetManager software.  Desk jobs are good for people who are good with data entry and does require additional training.  This job can be pre-assigned for the season for people who are interested and trained.  

Desk/Awards Workers (HOME AND AWAY MEETS)

Desk/Awards jobs include sorting paperwork, putting labels on ribbons and filing ribbons in the family folders.  Away meets may require staying a few minutes after the meet finishes because there is often a short delay between the race and the labels being printed. 

Snack Shack Worker - Back Kitchen (HOME MEETS ONLY)

Back kitchen prep workers arrive early to help set-up snack shack, prepare food items (chop, cut, put together salads, fruit etc) as directed by Snack Shack Coordinator and prepare/deliver food items to customers during meet.  This job can be pre-assigned for the season for people who are interested and trained.

Snack Shack Worker - Sales (HOME MEETS ONLY)

Snack shack workers help prepare and sell snack shack items to customers.  Early shift workers arrive early to help set-up snack shack and prepare food. Late shift workers stay later to help take-down snack shack, clean-up and re-stock items. 

Snack Shack Shopper (HOME MEETS ONLY)

Works with the Snack Shack Coordinator to purchase needed snack shack items 1-2 days before a home meet.  Must have a large car and expect to do shopping runs to at least 2 stores (e.g., Costco, Smart and Final), deliver items to temporary storage location, and help transport items to meet prior to the start of the meet on the day of the meet.


Works the BBQ grill to cook food for snack shack.  Must have BBQ experience with burgers, chicken and other menu items.  This job can be pre-assigned for the season for people who are interested and trained.

Timer/ Recorders (HOME AND AWAY MEETS)

Timers sit at the end of the swim lanes and use manual or automated stopwatches to time races.  Recorders write down times for manual stop watch readings.  Timers must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the meet for the timer training and equipment check.  Relief workers are available for breaks.


Picks up  forms from the recorders at each lane and brings the slips to the computer desk.  Requires a lot of walking; recommend comfortable shoes.

Shepherds/ Shepherding Team (HOME AND AWAY MEETS)

Shepherds are a group of 5-6 parents at each meet who organize, line up and escort the 8 & under age swimmers for their events/lanes.  It is important to ensure that you are on time and appropriately trained for this role so that our young swimmers make it to their correct event and lane for a race during a meet.  This is an Ideal job for parents with young swimmers, and can be pre-assigned for the season for people who are interested and trained. 

Meet Set-up/Clean-up (HOME MEETS ONLY)

These volunteers arrive 1 hour before the meet start time to help set up tents, tables, chairs, canopies and other equipment for timers, desk, snack shack, etc, and stay after the meet ends to help break-down and put equipment and supplies away.  They must be able to lift and carry heavy loads and arrive at the 1-hour early start time and stay late as needed so that the burden of set-up/takedown does not fall on other families.  During the meet, these volunteers do not have other responsibilities. 

Timer Relief/Alternates (HOME AND AWAY MEETS)

These volunteers provide temporary breaks to timers during a meet.  They must check in with our team timers at least twice an hour (every 30 minutes) during the meet and relieve them for a break as needed.  In addition, they may be required to fill in for a timer or other volunteer position if a volunteer does not show up for a job.  Familiarity with timing, or attendance to timer training, is required.  Families can not sign up for Timer Relief/Alternate positions more than 2 times in a season.

Meet Official Positions:  These positions require additional training and approval to sign-up.  These are important roles to help with operating and judging the meet (head timer, starter, stroke and turn judges).  Prior swim team experience is helpful, however training is provided and anyone can learn!  To become an official and work with our great Deck team, contact [email protected]


Start the swimmers and timers for each race. 

Stroke and Turn (HOME AND AWAY MEETS)

Watch swimmers as they swim to make sure they do the required starts, strokes and turns according to USS rules.