Parent Requirements

A swim team simply cannot function without the support of the team parents. Parents are needed to time the races at a meet, record times, score meets, write ribbons, work the snack bar, and officiate at meets. All of the jobs are easy to learn and simple to perform. Many of the jobs allow you a front-row seat for your swimmer's races.

Jobs can be signed up during the registration process.  


  1. Each family must do a total of 6-8 Meets / Jobs each year. This is an easy obligation to fulfill and by everyone doing their part, it helps the team run smoothly.
  2. Each family must work at our major fundraiser, the All-City Meet. The minimum requirement per team family for the All-City Meet is to work one full day (or two 4-hour shifts) during the two day meet.
  3. For the Walnut Creek Swim Conference Championships, each family must work one 4 hour shift
  4. Any Invitational Meet your child swims (Woodlands, Contra Costa County Championships), each family needs to be available to work one shift if needed. The work assignments will be done prior to the invitational meets. It is important to be flexible on work assignments as WCSC does not get to choose the jobs these are assigned by meet hosts.

If you are to work a meet and find that you cannot fulfill your obligation, it is your responsibility to find a replacement to work your shift. If you fail to show for your shift you will be charged $75.00. Please see additional information regarding volunteering and the volunteer deposit system here.